Beach Bound!

I am so excited!  My family and I are taking a short vacation to Florida.  My mother and father will meet my husband and I down there.  It will be Kinley's (my nine month old daughter) first time to see the ocean.  She LOVES to swim in the pool so I hope she loves the ocean. I am sure if nothing else she will find the sand yummy! ; )

I am looking forward to posting next week.  I will be going into my classroom and begin setting up.  I will be taking plenty of pictures!  I have reorganized some of my personal read alouds and will share a cheap way to organize this collection.  I share the classroom with another teacher so I will also so set up tips for sharing!

I have a few other things up my sleeve as well.  I am currently in the process of writing an eBook about Guided Math for grades 2-4.  My plan is for the book to have four sections.  The first section will be suggestions and tips for setting up Guided Math, including ideas for getting started and different methods.  I am on my third "set up" so I feel I have several suggestions! The second section is games for guided math.  These will be games that require little more preparation than print, laminate and cut out.  I am trying to make these games differentiated bu difficulty level when possible.  The third section is independent math projects.  The final section will be worksheets I have created- this will be the smallest section maybe three our four at this point. Right now I think I have around 10-12 games and 8-10 projects (I think, this is off the top of my head since I am not at home using my "home" computer).

I would love to get some feedback.  What would YOU want from a book like this?  I intend on charging for the book, but I want the cost to be reasonable.   How much would you be willing to pay?  Does anyone have any feedback?

I look forward to hearing from anyone! Have a great day! 


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