First Week of School!!!!

How in the world is Monday the first day of school?  Where did my summer time go?  In my head it feels like  I will be back to my summer-time-love-on-baby-schedule after last week's blip of working on my room.

Monday students will arrive and for the most part I think we are ready.  It is scary- I am afraid to think and am *actually* ready for fear I will jinx myself!

Here are my first week lesson plans.

 For the most part we covered procedures with a few activities sprinkled in.  We will start hitting the content areas the second week of school.  I am a firm believer that my kids need to know how to do things for my classroom to run seamlessly.  And it actually never is seamless, but it is a nice goal to have!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL, SMOOTH and peaceful first week!


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