Back to School Freebie: Guess Who?

I found this idea in the Really Good Stuff catalogue and modified it to fit my classroom. This is a "Guess Who" activity that will go out in the hall to display for the first PTA/ Parent Orientation in September (about 6 weeks into the school year).  I liked the activity because it was a great, easy to explain activity the students could complete independently while I completed reading assessments.


The students get each of the two copies and a large sheet of construction paper.  The students then complete and color in both sheets.  Then they fold the construction paper in half like a large greeting card.  On the tip of the greeting cards they glue down the "Guess Who" sheet.   On the inside of the card the glue down ht "Surprise!" sheet.

These will be perfect for our hallway display along with our squiggle writing project!


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  1. I love this activity! I couldn't find where to download it, is it still a free download?


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