Desperately Seeking Shoes

What I am NOT loving:
I am Desperately Seeking Susan Shoes.  My right foot is on the verge of falling off from a pain on the bottom of my heel. Seriously, I am going to have to find a podiatrist because I am afraid that my foot/ ankle  will give and I will drop my baby.  A PODIATRIST.  I feel old.  If it is a bunion or a corn I will be so embarrassed.  I don't even know what they are, but I know they are bad.  And women with rolled  down panty hose get them.

So...I need shoe help.  Any comfy teacher shoes.  Even my New Balance tennis shoes are hurting my feet.  I have fat, Fred Flinstone feet so a wider width is best.

Any suggestions for shoes?  Literally price is no object at this point.

What I AM loving:
The give away at  The Creative Apple.  Gah.  Must have both, especially the glyph with the line plot!  ingenious!

Don't forget to enter my give away.  Three winners will be draw on Wednesday night!



  1. Danskos are great! My podiatrist has told me New Balances are horrible for your feet. Asics are suppose to be the best.

  2. I have heard of Danskos...I may have to go shopping today. They have a few pairs that are pretty cute! It would figure that I get the tennis shoes that are horrible! I will put Asics on the list to. I think those are relatively cheap too.

    Thank you so much!


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