Guided Reading: What are the Other Kids Doing? and Reading Response Project Give Away

This year I have  a problem that I have never had in the 10 years I have been teaching.  I have too  many adults in my classroom during guided reading time!  Most years, it has always been  a struggle to meet with enough students.  This year there are three adults in my classroom during guided reading: myself, my co teacher, and the ESOL teacher.  We all run groups and many of the students get more than one guided reading group.  I have been very pleased with the results.  I feel that some of our students are making gains relatively quickly.

So, what my kids may be doing may look different than other classrooms just because I have an abundance of adult hands.  When students are not meeting with groups they are doing one of two things:
  1. Reading to self
  2. Independent Reading Response projects
I had originally intended on introducing partner reading but since students have so little independent time, I am not.

I introduced Read to Self using the Daily Five model. 

If you have not read this book, I highly recommend it. It is a wonderful resources, with step by step instructions on how to guide students on how to be independent during reading time.  All the activities in the book focus on the main domains on Language Arts/ Reading and it is research based.  When I had more independent time for students, they did more of the Daily Five activities.

This is a picture from two years ago- I left my camera with my new, classroom pictures at school!  Whoops!
I have a relatively extensive classroom library with a variety of genres and text complexity.  Students choose their own books and can have 5-7 books in their book boxes.  Students are only able to trade in books before the morning announcements. No "book shopping" during the school day. Occasionally I will also pull books from the library if I feel there are not enough books on the student's reading level and we may also throw in some guided reading books the child has mastered (occasionally).  We only do this if the student is a struggling reader and really needs a "pick me up" in confidence.

We do several lessons on "just right books" including a lesson by our school librarian, I PICK lesson from Daily Five and a mini lesson that I guide based on riding a bike. I use the riding a bike analogy to introduce just right books.

The other activity students are expected to complete is some kind of reading response project.  This is how I get many of my reading grades for report card and is usually based on  whatever strategy or skill we focused on the past week. This year many of our students have struggling with retelling so several of the projects have revolved around written retellings. We have also focused on making connections and are about done with questioning so that will make its way into response projects soon. 

We have done three different projects and I have created a packet of those projects with rubrics for the student and teacher and then the printable project ready to go. I intend on eventually selling these on my Teachers Pay Teachers site.  However, I need a few friendly editors and test drivers. 

Does anyone want to try these babies out?  I will attach the google doc with the description page.  Here is how to enter:

*  Please leave a comment with your name saying that you follow my blog.
If you are a blogger, I would appreicate/ love for you to blog about this give away, but it is not required. : )

 I will figure out how to do that random drawing thingies on  WEDNESDAY night by 8:00 pm.   I will draw THREE winners.  Winners will get the 25 page document FREE as long as they agree to give me feedback, any corrections and a suitable price for the packet.  Deal?
Click here for the link.
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  1. Hi Mandy,
    I have the same issue in my classroom. I too have 2 other adults in my room during my reading time. The children have very little independent time but they will benefit greatly from the adult support no matter what level they are. I would love to "test drive" your reading response projects!! I need hold my students accountable for what they are reading independently and showing how they can apply the skills that they are learning in class. I hope I can help you!!

  2. I follow your blog and have been a regular visitor to your web page as well. I forgot to mention that in my previous comment!!

  3. I follow your blog and frequent your web page. I just began blogging myself!

  4. I follow your blog and I have been visiting your web page forever now. I have always appreciated your ideas and expertise.


    Third Grade's a Charm

  5. Hey Mandy! I follow your blog! I would love to try this out!

    Third Grade Meanderings

  6. Mandy- I blogged about your giveaway here:

  7. I'm a new follower and would love to try these out with my 4th graders. I have struggling readers so these would be great to use with them to help them comprehend better:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  8. I follow your blog! I would love to have the chance to get your great resource! I would love to spice up my routines!

  9. I'm a follower and would love to peek at your resource.


    Yearn to Learn Blog

  10. I'm a new follower. I would love to try these out.

    Swimming into Second

  11. I'm a new follower, but I've been following your website much longer! I'm actually using your retelling unit from the website this week with my 3rd graders, so I would LOVE to try out your Retelling Responses with them!

  12. Hi Mandy! I am following you now because Amanda K. from 3rd Grade Meanderings blogged about your give away. I would love to have an opportunity to take a peek at your retelling response projects! I love testing out new materials and hope to give you good feedback if the opportunity arises. Best of luck to you this year. I hope that you keep on moving your kiddos to make those reading gains!
    : ) Nicole Corbitt (

  13. I follow your blog and have stalked your webpage for years. I would love to try these out with my kids. Do they do these during read to self or work on writing?

  14. Hi Eva! My students worked on these during read to self, but they could also do it during working on writing. It is not a response to lit because it is more of a retell though. It would be up to you! :) Thanks for entering!

  15. Hi Mandy,
    I'm a new follower thanks to Amanda from 3rd Grade Meanderings. Love your ideas and would love to try out your Response packet. Have a great week!

  16. Hi Mandy,

    Just found your blog and have been addicted since. I appreciate all of your time, talent and effort that goes into this endeavor.

    I would love to try these activities out and provide you with some feedback.

    Thank you!
    Krista Miller

  17. I am a new follower and would love to try these out with my 2nd graders! This is my first year doing Daily 5 and so far I love it!!


  18. Hi Mandy!

    I follow your blog and would love to try out your reading response projects. I teach 2nd grade and am trying out the Daily 5 for the first time this year. Your ideas sound great!!


  19. Hello Mandy!

    I am a new follower to your blog, but it sounds like I am in the same situation as you are in- I have a lot of help this year and am looking for ways to challenge my kiddos! I would love to try out your reading responses and give you some feedback.

    Thanks for offering this!

  20. I follow your blog :) it comes up automatically on my google reader so I never miss a post!


  21. Hey Mandy, I follow your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Hi Mandy! I follow your blog, along with many others I see!! I stumbled across your website and have been so thankful for the ideas you have shared. I graduated from college last year and would have been lost without all of your ideas and expertise! I'm still finding out what works for my students and my teaching style, but you have been an AMAZING resource for this first (now second) year teacher. Thank you so much!!

  23. Oops! Looks like I am a day late and a dollar short! I would LOVE to have these projects to use in my third grade classroom! I am a regular reader of your blog and love your tools and tips! You have made my first few months of teaching seem a little less stressful! I can't wait to hear how these test drivers do and will be anxiously awaiting being able to use these in my own classroom because I am sure they are fantastic! Thanks! Angie


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