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I can't believe that parent- Teacher conferences are starting TOMORROW!  Woo- Hoo!  That means  that in just a few weeks we have Thanksgiving Break and then soon after that is the long Winter Holidays!  Our district was moving toward a more balanced calendar last year.  The Board decided to return to the more traditional calendar this school year.  Now that I have had a taste of those fall breaks, I must say I miss it dearly!  How spoiled I got in just one year!

Since conferences start tomorrow I thought I would share some of the conference forms and parent handouts I have collected over time.  NONE of these are my original creations.  I have tried to cite the original author or cite when I knew or recognized the work, but unfortunately most of this has been lost over time.  I did take the content and "pretty it up."  If you are the author or recognize the work, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

This sheet has helpful English and Grammar sites

This is a questionnaire to send home prior to conferences to get a feel for what a parent may want to discuss.

A collection of website in Reading, Writing, Spelling and Math
Double check to make sure all of the links are still active!

I  DID NOT create this handout- I just added the graphics and fonts and such.  This was originally on the Mosaic Listserv but the page it was from is not longer active.   I could not find the exact document anywhere  online?  Does anyone remember this link?

I have created a conference check list for teachers to use as a guide to prepare for conferences and also as a guide for discussion. It is available on Teachers Pay Teachers for $2.00.  The check list is a Word document and is customizable once it is downloaded.  Please feel free to check it out!

I will give away a free copy of the conference sheet below to the first 3 visitors that leave a comment correctly guessing the number of conferences that I have tomorrow that actually show up.  It should be interesting since even I don't know the answer yet!!!

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  1. Hi!
    I am guessing that you had 7 conferences today. I hope I'm right!!! Good luck with all of your conferences! Mine do not start until November 21st. That's 3 half days in a row right before Thanksgiving!

  2. Thank you Mandy!! I love the form and am looking forward to using it for my upcoming conferences!!

  3. Is it too late? I actually used to go to your original site then just today went on it again and saw that you have a blog now. So excited for you! My parent conf are in a few weeks.

  4. Forgot to guess how many you had- I think 5!

  5. Koanki, I actually had 9 that day! It was a wee bit busy! I would be happy to share the form (I hope it isn't too late for YOU- sorry:( ). Email me at and I will send it your way!


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