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Hi All!  A couple of years ago I made a worksheet called "Digging Through the Dictionary."  After working with my group this year I am anticipating that it will not nearly be enough to practice this skill.  So...I took that worksheet and just added to it. I added about 3 activities to the worksheet to create a packet.

I added two alphabetizing activities.  They are differentiated  so students can alphabetize to the first and second or the third and fourth letter.  However, the activity looks the same to students (minus font color for teacher organization) so students will not realize the difference. 

Another  activity is a guide word activity.  Students are given guide words and need to decide which of the given word fits with in the guide words.  This one is not differentiated.

The last new activity is an activity where students draw cards out of a bag and use a dictionary  or dictionary knowledge to answer.

The last activity in the packet is the "old" worksheet.

If you bought the original dictionary worksheet please make sure to go and download the revised version.  You are getting a deal!  The original worksheet was only a dollar! So go make sure and get the new one :)!

I am selling this packet for $4.00 in my TpT store. 

However, I will give away 2 copies to the first two comments.  Enjoy!

Starting on Tuesday I will post the first in my guided reading series.  This post will be the actual flow of a guided reading lesson.  I hope it is helpful!!!



  1. I'd love a copy!! Thanks!!


  2. We need all the dictionary help we can get! I would love a copy.


  3. Aww ;( I was SO close! Your freebies have been a lifesaver to this new 3rd grade teacher. My students would have LOVED this!

  4. I love this! I will have a sub on Wednesday and this will be perfect to leave for the kids so they can get some dictionary practice and also be doing something worthwhile and standards-based!

    Thank you!!

    p.s. One of the books for the Thanksgiving Unit arrived on Friday- I will see if I can find the other book in the library so I can start it soon!

  5. I love this too. Perfect for my sub on Wednesday". Having something about the syllable breakdown would also be good to add when editing for next year. (Example win * dow = 2 syllables)


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