Last Night to Enter Give Away!

Just a friendly reminder- tonight is the last night to enter the Christmas Unit give away and $15 Amazon gift card!  I will be picking a winner by 9:00pm tomorrow (fingers crossed)  so please make sure to enter here!

I have a million things running through my mind to blog about:

1.) I have *finally* taken pictures of my classroom and want to post a classroom tour
2.) I want to blog about a SUPER cute home writing activity a friend shared with me called Gingerbread Fred that my kids LOVE
3.) Share craftivities  for line plot, algebraic expressions, and the relationship between multiplication and division
4.) My plan for our classroom "Geometry"

So tired...I will be back again later this week to post some of these ideas.  Until then, see you tomorrow to announce a winner. Maybe it will be YOU! :)


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