Fractions Freebie!

In third grade students need to learn to identify fractions and also be able to add and subbtract fractions with like denominators. My kids learn SO much better with manipulatives (as do most kids) and I wanted something hands on and interesting.

I did this activity last year and tweaked it. Hopefully it will work even better. Students will use a box of conversation hearts to identify fractions and add and subtract fractions.

* Fonts by Kevin and Amanda and Clipart by KPM Doodles

The first sheet I will use to model with on the Promethean board with my own box of conversation hearts.

After I model it for the students, I will give each student a box and a worksheet that is *almost* identical but a different number of conversation hearts to subtract.

Happy Sunday!



  1. I love the freebie, thanks so much! The kids can always use more fraction practice and this is a yummy way to do it. I can't wait for Valentine's day <3

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing :) I always love your stuff!!!

    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

  3. As a Special Ed teacher this is exactly what I was looking for thanks so much!


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