HUGE Leap Day Sale!

Wednesday is a special event! Not only because Leap Day only happens about once every four years, but it is also a big sale day!

 Teachers Pay Teachers is offering 10% off of everything with the code L2P9Y.

Additionally, many sellers are also putting their stores on sale for a total of 28% off!

My entire store will be on sale for 28% on February 29th only!  This includes my brand new Dr. Seuss Biography Research Project.  It will only cost $2.16 (if I did my math correctly, which- fingers crossed I got it right!)! 

Enjoy! I am looking forward to stocking up myself!

If you have been reading several other blogs, then you have already heard about the big hoo-rah about Pinterest.  Thank you so much, Laura Candler for bringing it to everyone's attention- I didn't read the fine print! Anyway, everyone has my permission to pin photos from this blog (if they want!)


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