Georgia Blogger Meet Up

Hello to all Georgia bloggers (and blog followers, too!)!

Abby from Third Grade Bookworm came up with this fabulous idea and contacted me!  How about a meet n' greet?  I know there are several Georgia bloggers and I bet there are even more blog followers!  To my understanding many Atlanta Metro counties will have their Spring Break scheduled for the first week of April.  We are putting together a get together  (love the repetition-- can you tell it is late and I am getting slap happy?) on Wednesday, April  4th at 1:00 in the Perimeter Mall area. All Georgia bloggers or blog readers :) are welcome!  If you would like more information please contact me at or Abby at

We hope to see YOU there!


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  1. I would love to do a meet up (even though I'm only an avid blog follower right now) but I will be out of town for break. Count me in some other time and maybe by then I will actually be up and blogging. It's on my summer to do list.


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