Stick a Fork in Me.

My summer has OFFICIALLY started!  Yahoo!!

 I have done absolutely nothing today but sleep.  I sent my poor baby girl to day care for the rest of this week and next and intend on painting and cleaning the house.  Then she is mine-all-mine and I am hers-all-hers.

This is how the classroom looked at the end  of Friday.  But before all my fun could start (cue the dramatic music) I had to face this:
and not to be out done, THIS:

Ooohhh, it still gives me shivers.  Before we could leave for the summer we had to move out of our old classroom, get all of our junk into the new classroom, make sure to put everything away neatly and organized, and then "shut down" the classroom for end of the cleaning the custodians do over the summer.  

And, as you can tell, we have a just *alittle* junk.  As in, so much junk some had-to-be-put-in-the-hall-because-there-is-not-enough-room-in-the-classroom junk.  Whoops.

So we (my co-teacher, myself and her wonderful son that honestly volunteered to come up and help- he is a great help) worked our tails off so that it looked like this after working Tuesday and Wednesday:
(The stuff on top of the table was going home with me.)

Ahhhhh.  Much better.

The best part is that when we packed up we VERY carefully and meticulously went through and purged things we never used and put it away so it can be easily accessed.  We even "set the classroom up" with furniture before we covered and moved most of it to the tile.

This will be a HUGE help because in about 3 weeks I will be back in the room setting up the room for a four day summer school camp.  I feel like the room needs to be fully functional and set up because teachers will be there observing the classroom and lessons to see how Common Core  will be implemented in the classroom. People will want to look though all my "stuff" and I want it to look good! I have been lucky enough to be a part of a focus group (for lack of a better word) in my district and  have received LOTS of Common Core training.  In turn I have been been observed by LOTS (when it is all said and done after this summer and this school year my guess will be that close to 100 or more will have observed me this year Yikes!)  of people watching to see what Common Core looks like in action in the classroom.

My sweet custodians agreed to put my room to the top of the cleaning list.  This means that it will be cleaned before I teach the summer camp so I can REALLY set up for the next school year and leave it and not have to tear it down again to be cleaned after the camp. Which is a huge blessing, because I don't know about you guys but I HATE putting paper over everything for end of the year cleaning. 

So, we took this as an opportunity to clean, clean, clean.  I gave away about 3 carts of stuff to a teacher that is setting up her own classroom for the first time.   I gave away all those white shelves in the hall to one of the sweetest custodians for his garage (don't tell my hubby!), and we threw out about 9 or 10 HUGE bags of trash.   Ahhh.  It feels so good!   I bought new plastic contains so all of the containers match.  I will be adding new labels and will be taking pictures of the organized loveliness when we get closer to school starting.

Let the fun begin!!!!



Added to...

I hope you are enjoying this FABULOUS three day weekend! The weather is BEAUTIFUL at my house today. Perfect day to drag out the finger paints and strip my baby girl down to her diaper and let her go wild! I can't wait! I am updating several of my TpT products over the summer. One item I have already worked on is my Wild About Antonym freebie literacy center.

I added this super cute antonym poster to match the center. The 20 page packet is FREE so make sure to hop on over and grab it!



Memorial Day Sale!!!

Yay!  To celebrate the extra long and much needed three day weekend I am throwing a SALE!  Everything in my store will be  20% of Sunday, May 27th through Monday , May 28th!  Several other bloggers are linking up as well.

I am FINALLY out of school, but still have post planning.  I am moving classrooms and we managed to move all of our belongings on Friday.  We have to set up the classroom as much as possible Tuesday and Wednesday before we have to close down for the year. Since I am teaching a four day Common Core summer camp at the end of June I am freaking out a bit.  The whole idea is that teachers are able to come and observe the Common Core Standards in action in a classroom.  Which would be great if they can ignore than 75 foot tall pile of junk and boxes at the back of the room.  No bueno.  I did the same thing in February and had about 100 people, maybe more, observe over a period of 6 days.  It was a bit stressful, BUT I learned tons about myself and the way I teach and WHY I teach the way I do.

I have SO MANY things to blog about and post, but have been crazy tired.  I am so looking forward to the summer break, time with my baby girl, and time with my online friends!



End of the School Year Piles of Paperwork

Piles and piles of crap are on my table at this point in the school year. The worst part?  Most of it I am either a.) in the middle of completing or b.) have no idea where to stash it because the pile is so big.  So I just leave it.  Out on my table.  For all the world to see.  The kids have no chance coming to that table for instruction.  They couldn't see over the papers!  Thank goodness they are mostly independent working on their pirate projects!

We are required to complete portfolios on each student.  There is  a specific list of items to include in the portfolios.  However, I wanted a lot of information readily available to the next year's teacher all in one place.  It seems like we collect eight bazillion pieces of data on children and record them all on  DIFFERENT.SHEETS.OF.PAPER! Sheesh!  We have to rifle through a bunch of papers to get a snapshot.  I don't call that a snapshot.  I call that work.  Ick.

So I created a portfolio summary sheet.  This is a neat, concise form to give s snapshot of the student's performance for this school year.  It actually includes many of the things on the district checklist so it does accomplish two goals.

This is somewhat geared to Georgia teachers grades 3-5 because of the CRCT assessment.  However, I would be happy to edit and post another version for your specific state assessment if you tell me what you need!

I hope this is helpful!  Two more half days to go!  Yahoo!



Homophones WINNER!

Congrats to the winners of my newest TpT project, They're on Their Farm Homophones Center!

and the winners are.....

If you did not win, I am so sorry :(.  Luckily it is available in my store for $4.00! Click here to check it out.

And some news in my life....

I was totally shocked and so very honored to be chosen as the 2012-2013 Teacher of the Year.  It was so humbling and amazing to stand up there with all the other teachers that I admire.   I was very touched.

I am going to try to do a End of the Year Series with  ideas for packing up and completing paperwork because I am almost done! So be on the look out for more end of year freebies and ideas! 

Three more days (but who's counting?....ME!)



The End is Near! The End is Near!

Thank heavens it is the end of the year as we know it.  And I totally feel fine.

This is my last week of school!  Hallelujah!  I posted earlier about not having my students move my classroom.  A teammate did the math:  if my 20 students each take one item from my classroom to the classroom I am moving into (the other teacher is taking my room- a totally even switch.  Kinda, but she has a window and a storage room and a bathroom and I have...nothing.  Maybe not so even.) and do this at 4 different times during the school day that would equal 80 items/ trips.  It would be a good brain break...Hmmm...  What do you do?  Do kids help your teachers move at your school?

One thing my students  WILL do is help clean up and close down the classroom.  I have always had kids do this- it is their classroom too and they have to help take care of it.  Plus, kids LOVE to help. I usually write a long list on the board and let kids pick a friend to do most jobs. So what do my kids do?  Here's a list of kid friendly tasks that are really helpful.

Does anyone have any jobs to add to the list? Please leave a comment and I will add the job to the list to make it more exhaustive.  I love to keep 'em busy at this time of the year!



I Have No Self Control

I have zero self control.  Seriously.  My impulsive spending is a big ol' downfall of mine.  Thank goodness my hubby is a whiz at money and manages it for me.  Otherwise, I would be living in a cardboard box with a really great, expensive clothes.

I am on a mission to get ready for NEXT school year before this one ends. I really, really want to enjoy as much of my summer with my baby girl as possible.  To do that, I need to get my act together!

Now, what does my fiscal irresponsibility and preparing for the 2012-2013 school year have in common?  I went shopping for next year!  Yay me!

Now please keep in mind that I am TOTALLY stoked to be teaching second this year and felt I needed to "freshen things up" since the last time I was in second grade  (holy cow- was that 4 years ago?!?!!).  I also had my little 19 month old girl shopping with me.  Bright, colorful packages and fun looking toys= a very grabby toddler.

So I grabbed everything quickly and piled it on my stroller and went to town.  Somehow Kinley ended up with a new CD of music and finger plays and three wooden peg puzzles.  It it a sickness, I tell you!


So what did I get? Some Poppin' Dots, baby.  This is my FAVORITE print or pattern.  I tend to stick to simple patterns or plain boarders to avoid distractions, but this stuff was too cute!
I got:

  • Poppin' Dots calendar set (but I don't like the yellow as much so I may not keep this.  I can't decide)
  • Tree bulletin board set ( we will put this up when we study the seasons and then in the spring with life cycles we will make caterpillars, cocoons and butterflies to display on the tree)
  • number line (need one badly)
  • Poppin' Dots border
  • Poppin' Dots name plates ( for labeling things- not for desk name tags)
  • Poppin' Dots name tags (again, for labeling)
  • Poppin' Dots chart- you know the one that is like a table/ checklist (I have no idea what I will use this for- but I know I will somehow!)
  • Poppin' Dots frames (I put where we are in the building like PE, Recess, Library, etc on a ring and hand it from a 3m hook outside the classroom door so people can find us.  I will write the place on the cutie frame!
  • Black and white polka dot border
  • Welcome to ___ Grade! sign ( for the door display)
  •  Black border ( I just like it)
  • Reference name plates with the number line and so on for the student's desks.
  • Library pockets (I will make a poster with the pockets for out behavior system 
  • birthday cupcakes to display birthdays ( these were TOO cute!)

See?  No self control- but I love it all!

 A few weeks ago I bought some twin flat sheets at Wal-Mart in a coral color and a turquoise color.  I am hoping it matches with the borders.  I think it will.

My plan is to go ahead and laminate everything and start cutting it out.  That way I can go ahead and put up all my bulletin boards (3) before I leave for the summer.  I will cover them up with a sheet to keep dust off.

Melissa Freshwater displayed this organization system and I am in LOVE!  I think I will buy a few bins and then label them with the Poppin' Dots name plates. Gah.  And her new supply labels? Decisions, decisions.  Hand write on my cute frames or print hers out? I wish all decisions were this fun!!!!!!

I noticed this fantastic piece of furniture on someones blog, but I can't remember who it was!!! It is $40 at Ikea.
I want to buy these buckets ($3 each)
and store my math manipulative in each bucket or maybe centers- I can't decide.  Then I am going to make a pillow to go on top since It is less than 22 inches tall and  make a bench for students to sit and read on.  If I can get my hubby to put it together for me and bring it to school, I can go ahead and sort my math manipulatives into it and add my super cute new labels from above!

And my really BIG purchase for next school year will be a new rug.   I will keep my old rug because I like to have two meeting areas (one in front of the Promethan Board and the other by my easel). I am still deciding what I want, but I know it will be a hefty price and I am ok with that.  I am teaching a four day summer camp to model a Common Core classroom for teachers to observe at the end of June. Part of the money I earn will apply toward the rug.  Because I am teaching at the end of June, my room will have to be cleaned early and I get paid to set up my room for 5 hours before the camp starts.  Yes, really!  I am so excited!  My goal is to get my classroom as ready as possible before I leave and then do the finishing touches on that day in June.  If I play my cards right, I can have my classroom done and set up by the end of the four day camp. Wouldn't that be awesome?!

So in closing, I may be broke, but I will be happy! :)



Their, There, They're ...My Head Hurts!

I know that my students are so lost with the whole their, there, they're homophone debacle.  Many adults are confused as well- it drives me bonkers!  That and "lose" and "loose."  These mistakes are like nails on a chalkboard to me.  It is really ironic since I am a crappy typist and make errors ALL the time.  Hmmmm...this my be a personal flaw of mine!

Anyhow, I made this super cute (I'm a little biased) center to practice this with my kids next year.  

The purpose of this 19 page packet is for students to practice using the tricky homophones there, their, and they're. I created this to be a reading station in my classroom. Students complete the worksheet and can then play sort the cards under the correct headers with partners or independently. A second game, They're on Their Farm Homophones Concentration, is also included for partners. If groups are uneven or students are waiting for partners to finish, individual students can play a matching game with the concentration cards.
This packet includes several activities:
*Directions for a They're on Their Farm Homophones Concentration game for two or more players
*Matching homophones cards and directions for one player
*Direction for They're on Their Farm Sorting Activity that requires students to sort sentences with blanks under the correct homophone header.

*Sorting cards and headers
*Independent They're on Their Farm worksheet that practices identifying the correct homophone their, there, or they're. An answer key is provided.
*Answer keys for both games
*Their, There, They're homophones poster for display

and....I am doing a GIVE AWAY!!  Two lucky winners will win the center above.  Please leave a comment below to enter.  I would love you to be a follower, too!

I will choose two winners using a random number generator on Monday, May 21st!

I don't want to share because I am selfish but I also have a huge Jimminy Cricket on my shoulder.  Dang bugs.

Britney at Mrs. V.'s Adventures in Teaching  is doing a give way, too!  It is a super cute evens and odds pack for the fall.  It will be perfect for my little second graders (way too excited about changing grades).  Hop on over there to enter.

And here is another super give away (my selfish inner goddess is kicking me- eep!  I just typed that!) Lisa over at Learning is a Treasure is giving away not one but TWO $25 gift certificates!  Holy cow!  I totally entered!  Click here to enter! I am a new follower and her blog looks super cute- can't wait for the beach paragraph freebie!

So I have been mulling around an idea around.  I am thinking about offering my followers a nice bonus for all their TpT support.   I was thinking for a limited time offering followers a free item for following my blog and purchasing from my store.  It would be simple- buy something and then email me. I would then email the freebie. The freebie would only be available as the gift and after the limited time, I would list it.  It will most likely be an item I have NOT sold before (I would hate for buyers to feel shafted). If I got REAL sparky it would be a choice of a math or reading freebie since some people departmentalize... But that would be the cart before the horse.  Or the cart before the horse before getting a farm if you follow my drift.

Now, TpT promo over- I will try to stick to other topics in my new few posts so I avoid sounding like an advertisement!


My Summer Bucket List Linky Party

I have been meaning to join up to this linky!  Thank you Teri, Hadar and April for hosting it!

Let's see.  The most IMPORTANT thing on my bucket list is not a what, but a who.

This who in particular.

I get to be "Summer Mommy" and I am so excited!  I have so many things planned!  We will be doing story time at library, gymnastic lessons (!), and I am hoping to catch some time at the toddler section of a local water park. I am stoked!  She has this crazy, untameable wild-hair I love!  She hates barrettes and pony tails so I just let it be.  It is tame in this picture!

I LOVE this idea from Ashleigh.  I think it would be a great way to organize myself now that I am in a newish grade level.  Perfect for a fresh start.  I want to write several Common Core integrated units that are floating around in my head.

I love this!!!!!!!!!  The hands are too sweet and  I want to make it before Kinley gets any bigger!

and I want to CLEAN my nasty house!  It gets so bad during the school year (tell me I am not the only one on this!) and I have so much to organize and scrub.  Kinley is in day care the week after school gets out so I can work on the house because I can't do it any more!

Whew...the list looks short but will take while!  Does anyone else have any great summer time plans?


Randomness at the End

I don't know about you guys, but I am just about useless!  We have five more days (yes- only five!).  I am sick (again- I have NEVER been  as sick as I have been this year).  I love, love, love this class.  They are the kindest bunch of children, but I am ready for summer break. I will miss them, but I figure they will all come visit me next school year!

I have found out that my co-teacher/ partner in crime has been called for jury duty the last week of school (next week).  That is so bad, I just laughed.  Really, jury duty?  That is cruel and unusual punishment!  She can't defer it because then you can be called ANY time.  Like, for example when a cruise is scheduled. And then you HAVE to go- no more putting it off.  Ick.   I told her I got it, but I might be lying!  We only have Monday and Tuesday as full days and then on Wednesday and Thursday we have early release.

We are going to do a bunch of the pirate activities from my unit, but we will have to wrap it up by Tuesday because we are performing the reader's theater on Tuesday (per the principals request since the build is so busy and parking is scarce the last two days).  So ask me what I will be doing with them on the early release days?!!? Well.......I have no idea.  Nada.  It has to be something that is all at school because they don't can't bring book bags and can't take anything home on the bus those two days.  So, I have no clue. I am sure I will come up with something amazingly creative.

OR I may have them help me pack the room up because I am MOVING!! Yay!  My co-teacher and I have been officially moved to second and we are THRILLED!  Second grade is both of our favorite grade and the room we are being moved to is HUGE.  Seriously, like I think I could possibly be jealous of myself.  AND it has a storage closet AND an attached bathroom.  Ekk!  I am over the moon.

But I won't let kids help me move because I think it is wrong. Yes, I will let them help me clean and close the classroom down for the school year because it is our move, but I won't use child labor to move.  I do feel like we need to be doing something more academic than that.  Sadly.  I do have a whole list of things kids can do in the classroom to help clean up AND a list of things to do BEFORE the next school year starts/ this one ends to keep organzed for the next school year.  Did that make any sense?  I will be posting about it soon.

I did find this FANTASTIC end of the school year memory book Ashleigh's Education Journey and I loved it because it is my favorite word (FREE if you weren't sure) and she did a GREAT job on it. And it is FREE, people. I figure we will be working on this next week.


Quick and Easy Mother's Day Gift

This year I was looking for  a quick, easy and CHEAP Mother's Day gift.  I was talking to my friend, Ms. V. and she was telling me about a project she had pinned on Pinterest.  It was so cute and inspiring! We put our heads together and came up with this super cute (free) activity.  I love the word free.

It is a Mother's Day coupon book.  On the cupcake wrapper is the coupon book.  I simply stapled the book on so mom can tear off the coupons as she uses them. I printed out everything on construction paper so students just needed to cut the pieces out and assemble the cupcake.  Students could decorate the coupons and the cupcake with any extra time.  It took students about 35-45 minutes from beginning to finish.

Here is a super cute student example:

Even better is is FREE!  Click here is you would like to download it!



Swashbuckler Wanted!! Arrgghh!

Yesterday I shared how we added several activities to my End of Year Pirate Unit

We did several other activities BESIDES the party and the presentation/ readers theater.  We also worked it into our behavior system.  It worked like a *charm* BUT we did spend a good bit of money out of our pockets to do this.  The good news- we have it for this year :)!

My partner and I ordered several things from Oriental Trading Company. Sadly,one items is no longer available but I will share what we did use that is currently available.

We ordered a class set of these.  Each child got the velvet bag and we kept the coins. The students earned the gold pirate coins (or jewels because we had one parent that did not like the skull and bones) for good behavior.  They LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this.  I was so surprised at how nuts they were about the coins and bags.  The jewels were the all time class favorite, I will say. Why did they need coins, you ask?

To buys goodies of course!

Students were able to buy crafts that we competed the last week of school.  We ordered these crafts:

We took their picture with a bandanna on their heads, and eye patch over their eye and Mardi Gras  (is that how you spell it??) beads around their neck.  It was a HUGE hit.  If the student did not have enough coins, they did not do the craft and they read.

Another craft we did was these foam hats.  Students had the option to wear them at the presentation. Students used their coins to buy this craft as well.  This was so great for students because some did not have enough money for all the crafts.  They had to pick and choose what to buy with the money they had earned- economics anyone?!? 

We also had eye patches that the students could decorate, but I can't find them this year. For this school year we bought the frames and these super cute bandannas.

We also splurged and bought  these:
Acck!  How much fun will these Pirate Shrinky Dinks be?  We actually got these off of Amazon (I know, somewhere OTHER than Oriental Trading Company?!?).

We will do these in the afternoon the last few days of school to keep the kids under control. Between these crafts, pirate coins, and the readers theater the kids are really well behaved. Because you can't be a part of the readers theater if you are acting crazy because it is a BIG responsibility, right?  And you have to earn the crafts with good behavior, right?  They eat out of our hands and we LOVE it!  And not to mention it is a fun and engaging way to end the school year.  They are happy, we are happy, and we end the year with good memories.



It's A Pirate Party! Arrgh!

I just finished updating my End of Year Pirate Unit.  I have done my best to make this an engaging cross- curricular unit.  Kids are busy and I can finish up my work.  It is a win-win situation!

I wanted to share the other things that we did with this unit.  Watch out for a bunch of FREEBIES ( my favorite F word!)!!!

We did a huge pirate presentation the last day of school.  We performed the readers theater How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long and David Shannon.  We performed the play for parents and the entire second grade.

About two weeks before the presentation we sent home these invitations.  I did not create the wording.  I found it on the Internet and tweaked it as needed.

A blank template version is included below for download.

We practiced and practice the readers theater a million times.  I wrote the play so that all students could partipcate in the class.  I also considered readability levels for students that struggle in reading.  The kids worked SO hard and were FANTASTIC!

I transcribed the book and added a few parts and words to make it flow better as a readers theater.

I copied some of the pictures out of the book and then outlined them with a black sharpie.  Then I traced the picture and copied the traced picture on a transparency.  I projected the traced image onto large sheets of butcher paper.  Students traced the projected images and then painted them with tempura paint.  We hung the pictures as backdrops behind the students during the readers theater performance.  The kids LOVED doing this.

For costumes I bought the $5 white and red twin flat sheets from Wal-Mart.  I chopped the sheets up (it is cheaper than the fabric store in my humble opinion!) and used the fabric to create bandannas for the boys to wear on their heads and scarves for the girls to tie around their waists.  We asked kids to wear their most "pirate-y" outfit like red and white shirts and jeans or jean shorts.  We finished the look of with Mardi Gra ( I have no idea how this is spelled and I am too lazy to Google it. So sorry!)  beads.

After the performance we invited parents and families back to the classroom for refreshments and awards.  We served food with a pirate theme and used a simple red table cloth.  In front of each of the foods I put up these cards to keep our pirate theme going.

The End of Year Pirate Unit includes reading, writing, and math craftivities that are wonderful decorations.  I posted all of the students work around the door to the Media Center to get parents and the second grade audience in the "mood" for some  pirate fun!

Tomorrow I will share a few MORE pirate activities that we did last year and will also do this year to celebrate the end of the year!


Teacher Appreciation Jackpot FREEBIE

Today is the big JACKPOT day!  I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to the many teachers that work so very hard each day.  Teaching is a very difficult profession- physically and emotionally on some days.  I feel so blessed to be a part of a virtual community that celebrates our daily successes, invigorates my desire to be a lifelong learner and comforts me on those terrible-no-good- very-bad days!

Thank you for what you do every day!

The item I have picked is my Retelling Independent ReadingResponse Projects! Here is a description of the product:

Included in this packet is a variety of reading response projects for students to complete. All projects revolve around the skill of retelling. A rubric for students and teacher is included with each project. The first two projects are differentiated for difficulty or scaffolding. The projects include:

* A Retelling book- The first project is a book for students to complete that are beginning to learn the skill. Students also make a connection to the text on the last page.
*The second project is the same book retelling project as the first. However, it does not have any sentence starters/prompts or supports for the writing.
* The third project is a Flip Flap book based on the idea of Dinah Zike's graphic organizers/ manipulatives.
*The last project is a graphic organizer. This project has the story elements, an area for a picture and then a section for students to illustrate their favorite part.

Please note that although there are 26 pages to this packet, 2 pages are directions sheets and one is a cover sheet.

Each blog is giving away a few items.  Over 130 bloggers are participating!  Make sure to look around and hop to each blog and rack up on all the good loot!  I intend to fill my flash drive UP! Click on the picture to see all the other blogs!



Teachers Pay Teachers Galore, What's in My Cart and a Sneak Peek!

This is going to be a jammed packed post! My brain is over following with things I just NEED to type and "say." I have about 40,000 to do lists running through my head and I am so afraid I will forget something. Tell me I am not the only one like this!

 First, I think the cat is out of the bag! Teachers Pay Teachers is having their HUGE Teacher Appreciation sale starting this weekend! It is even bigger this year and is a THREE day sale! Yay! I am putting EVERY item in my store on sale for 20% off. If you use the TpT coupon code TAD12,  you will receive a total of about 28% off your total purchase!

Sign me up! I'm going shopping!

Second, I have to share a sneak peek of my latest product.  I absolutely love this pack!
I am so proud if this pack!  I actually uploaded a bare bones of this pack last year and taught it.  My kids went BANANAS.  I went back and have updated it and added more printables and tracers and master copies. If you have bought this previously- please make sure to redownload it!  I wrote the unit to keep the kids learning and engaged the last week or so of school. And to be completely honest busy and leaving me alone so I can clean, pack and do end of the year paper work. Can I actually type that!?  But best of all, the students loved it, I loved and my parents loved it!  On Sunday I intend to blog about other pirate activities we do with several freebies!  If you just can't wait, this bad boy is now available on my Teachers Pay Teachers page for $5.  However, to be honest, I would wait until this weekend.  With all the coupon codes and my sale it will only be $3.60 if I did my math right.  Let's keep it real here between friends!

Third, did you know you can go ahead and put things in your TpT cart NOW and then when the sale arrives hit the purchase button?  I have totally done this.  That way I have time to shop around without any pressure.  The site really bogged down last year (hopefully this will be prevented with a three day sale this year) and it made it SO much easier to just hit the purchase button!  I thought I would go ahead and share what is in my cart!

Fourth, don't forget that TOMORROW is the BIG JACKPOT!  I am so excited to share my freebie with everyone- I think it is a good one! And I totally can't wait to blog hop!  Eeep! Tons of good stuff!

Are you over or totally under-whelmed with all my long windedness?    All this excitement has worn me down.  Or maybe it is just Friday.  Maybe I just need chocolate to get myself through!!


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