Memorial Day Sale!!!

Yay!  To celebrate the extra long and much needed three day weekend I am throwing a SALE!  Everything in my store will be  20% of Sunday, May 27th through Monday , May 28th!  Several other bloggers are linking up as well.

I am FINALLY out of school, but still have post planning.  I am moving classrooms and we managed to move all of our belongings on Friday.  We have to set up the classroom as much as possible Tuesday and Wednesday before we have to close down for the year. Since I am teaching a four day Common Core summer camp at the end of June I am freaking out a bit.  The whole idea is that teachers are able to come and observe the Common Core Standards in action in a classroom.  Which would be great if they can ignore than 75 foot tall pile of junk and boxes at the back of the room.  No bueno.  I did the same thing in February and had about 100 people, maybe more, observe over a period of 6 days.  It was a bit stressful, BUT I learned tons about myself and the way I teach and WHY I teach the way I do.

I have SO MANY things to blog about and post, but have been crazy tired.  I am so looking forward to the summer break, time with my baby girl, and time with my online friends!



  1. Just found your blog...I am so jealous you are done with school. We have 2 more days!!

  2. I am bummed that you are leaving 3rd grade! But excited for you as you sound like you really want this change. I know you'll still provide great stuff for us grade 3 teachers too!

  3. I would LOVE to visit your classroom. I am a firm believer in watching other successful teachers in action, but alas I don't get to do that. The next best thing is reading blogs. Thank you so much!


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