Sweet Birthday Treat

Last year we tried to keep birthday treats to a minimum.  We had a few students with severe allergies and tried to be very aware of any food products in our classroom.  One thing we did do was birthday balloons.  It was not my idea.  I found it on Proteacher and LOVED the idea. Here is a link to original link and printable I found.   Many people used crazy straws or Pixie sticks as the base or "string."   I was too cheap for either of these ideas and instead used sparkly pencils from the Dollar Store. The kids adored them and sharpened the pencil and kept the balloon on top.  It was a hoot to watch them write with it!

I kept the Birthday Balloons in a yellow pot filled with beans to keep the pencils upright.  I realized I never took a picture of it last year but here is a shot of the shelf I kept them on!

Nice shot, huh?  Sorry about that!

One problem with the Birthday Balloon pencils?  No eraser.

While  walking around Garden Ridge I found the perfect solution.  It was less than $5.00!

Look at this super cute cupcake!  It is actually a ceramic pot with a cupcake top.  I think I am going to keep special birthday erasers (need to go find some of these) inside.  Then kids will be able to choose a birthday balloon from the pot and an eraser from the cupcake!

Simple, but fun.  My two favorites (right up there with the word free!). Speaking of my favorite words, please make sure to check out my BIG 500 follower give away and freebie give away!  The give away ends tomorrow and I will no longer be sending out any freebies after tomorrow so please make sure to check it out before it is too late! :)



  1. The Target dollar spot in my area had cupcake erasers in packs of six. =)Those would go perfectly! Maybe yours has some too!

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  2. I love your birthday ideas. Also, I L-O-V-E love your 4s Line! I will be adopting the "smiling" part this year to go along with the other three that I already had. Thanks for another really awesome idea!!!

    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits

  3. Cute! Cute! I like the pencil and eraser idea better than the crazy straw because the kiddos can use it right away. Much like an eight year old, I'm a fan of instant gratification. :)

    The Teaching Thief

  4. Cute idea...I have been looking for a special way to celebrate birthdays and your idea seems like it just might be exactly what I am looking for. I have tried some other ideas,but have never really found just the "right one"!

  5. what a neat idea! Did you print the balloons on cardstocks?

  6. Hey Parra105!

    I just printed them on colored paper! I didn't have too much cardstock :(


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