August Currently and New Blog Series

I am linking up with the fabulous Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade and her August Currently party.

B2S Must Haves:  I am a goober but I love my Common Core " I Can" Statements and More.  They are already laminated, cut out and hanging in my classroom! I am working on third right now so hopefully I will get them knocked out soon!
2.  The tool boxes are all over Pinterest.  I have all the stuff to make it...I just need the TIME to make it!  It is next on my to do list!
3.  The Number Talk books are all the rage.  The books are about how to support mental math strategies so students use them efficiently.  I can't wait to read the book and I want to use this as my closing for math workshop!

As far as my new blog series-  this upcoming week I will start school again.  Sniffle.  It  is almost my last night of summer. Monday morning I will start school bright and early.  Granted, it is pre-planning and a whole lot of meetings but it is not snuggle time with my daughter and Sesame Street so I am a bit sad.

The new series will be Getting Organized and Making it Pretty.  Since I am setting up my classroom and getting ready for the school year it is the perfect time!  Each day will have a theme:

Monday:  Supply Organization
Tuesday:  Teacher Resources Organization
Wednesday and Thursday: Classroom Decoration
Friday: Teacher Organization

I think I am going to *try* to make this a linky party (if i can figure out the code for a linky party!). Monday's theme will be supply organization so I would LOVE for everyone to link up about how they organize teacher supplies OR student supplies!



  1. Hopped over from Farley's Currently Linky! Sounds like a great series! Organizational tips are perfect for this time of year and of course, we want it all to be wrapped in lots of pretty! Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Dwyer’s A+ Firsties

  2. Hi! You were the link after me over at Farley's "Currently" link-up. I'm so glad that I stopped by! I'm already super excited about the organization series! As a first year teacher, it'll be great to see some of the great ways that others organize, while I'm trying to get organized in my new room myself! Maybe I'll even have tips to share!

    First Class First Grade

  3. Can't wait for the link up next week! :)
    I'm also having a hard time finding shoes for school. :( If you find something, you should let me know! :)
    Fourth and Ten
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  4. Google "Linky tools" to get a code for a blog hop :)

    Ashley @ Fierce in Fourth

  5. Hi Mandy - you should host a linky. I did my first one this summer too. You need to do it through in linkz I believe. At least that's who I did mine with...and it was super easy. I will check back for your linky. :o)
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After


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