Blog Hunt Day 25!

I am taking part is an awesome Back to School Blog Hunt!    For each day of August a different blogger is hosting a Back to School freebie!  I am toward the end of the Blog Hunt so make sure to click through the linkies below to see all the other fab freebies!

We just finished our  second week of school and I wiped out!  We have been busy!  One of the first things we do is set up procedures for how to behave in the bathroom and hallway.  I always want to know where the bathroom is when I go to a training, so I assume that is something kids would want to know to (that and when is lunch!).  We sit and make these charts as a whole group and then practice by walking in the hall to the bathroom and take a whole class bathroom break.

I have shared this freebie before, but thought it was timely and others may not have seen it.  I shared it when I first started this little ol' blog!  It is a Guess Who activity.  It is perfect for the whole class to  complete while trying to pull individual students for DRA assessments.

Here is a finished product.

If you would like a free copy, click on the pictures below!

As of right now, that is about all I got :(.  Switching to a newish grade level (I am back in second after 3 years of being in third) has thrown me off a bit more than I expected!  Hopefully this will help a bit OR you can find fabulous freebies in the links below!



  1. This is great, Mandy! Thanks:)

  2. PERFECT! I'm THRILLED to be your newest follower!
    Stop by and visit anytime! SMILES

  3. What a great idea- the restroom anchor chart! Why didn't I think of that?

    Thanks for sharing.


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