Common Core Standards and a Treat!

Okay, I know I have already posted about the big TpT sale.

So, yes, I am promoting myself (again-sorry).  So sorry.  However, I just wanted to give an update and a treat :)!

I am working feverishly on getting the Third Grade ELA Common Core "I Can" Statements and More product finished after so many requests when I posted my second grade version.  I am hoping to get it posted tonight so that I can get it up before or when the sale starts.  However, if something happen and I just can not finish it, I will make sure to post it for 28% off the original price the first two days it is posted.  If I were a buyer, I would be irritated if an item was posted a day after the sale ends for full price.  Hopefully, this will help!

Second, I have a treat for my Facebook followers and blog followers!  The big TpT sale starts tomorrow, August 12-13th.  My cart is full (ouch) and I am ready!  I am offering a special- spend $10 (after the sale discounts) and get a freebie!  This will only be for August 12-13th (during the sale!).

  1. Spend at least $10 in my TpT store 
  2. Email me your TpT user name and the amount of your purchase at
  3. Please put "FREEBIE" in  in the subject line- my Hotmail account moved the first request to my junk folder!! Ackk!!  This way I can easily scan my junk folder to make sure I get everyone!  :)

*I must receive all emails by Tuesday, August 14th in order to get your freebie!

Tada! That is it!

I will email you my latest, unreleased center with  partner and independent practice, Author's Purpose Picnic!  The graphics are so cute!  Here is a preview!

EDITED TO ADD- Although the sale is over and I am no longer sending this out as a freebie, it is now available in my store!  It is $4.00.  Click here to check it out!

How does that sound :)!   This is my LAST weekend before students arrive bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday.  I had a mild panic attack Friday night but now I am prepared and fine.  Thank goodness for my co-teacher that keeps me sane!  I have LOTS of classroom pictures to post next week if I am not too tired!



  1. Your Author's Purpose Picnic looks wonderful. Will you be offering it for sale at your TPT store? I love your products.

  2. Chandra- thank you so much! Mostly likely I will put it up for sale after the big Back to School sale. I am thinking it will be about $4 or so!


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