I am not writing about my mental state (although I do feel that way to be honest!) BUT I am done with the Third Grade ELA Common Core and More packet!  Yahoo!

I have worked on this thing FOREVER.  I thought it would never end!

I created this zipped file to display Common Core Standards for students. This packet includes several different items. 
*Teacher resource list comparing the Common Core Standards to the “I Can” statements.
*ELA “I Can” statements and header cards for display
*Editable ELA Common Core checklist for student mastery
*ELA Common Core checklist direction and sample sheets

The first list is a teacher resource list comparing the Common Core ELA standards to the kid-friendly “I Can” statements. This would be great to store in a binder for easy reference.

The “I Can” statements are color coded by area. Although I tried to write the standard with kid-friendly language, I also tried to preserve the language of the standard as well. Bolded, colored words on the “I Can” statements are vocabulary I intend to explain and teach my students so they better understand the standard. 

 The last item in this zipped file is an Excel document. I have typed a spread sheet that includes all the standards and four boxes to use as checks for mastery for EACH student. The teacher can use as a plus/ minus system noting if a student has grasped a skill or by actual percentages on the assignments. A sample page is included. This document was purposely created in Excel so that teachers can edit the pages and type in each student’s name rather than hand write. The font is Comic Sans and should be a standard font. It may not be as pretty, but hopefully it is effective and more time efficient for the teacher! Directions with pictures, samples of how to use the checklist, and trouble shootings questions are included. 

 All items are color coded to match. All Reading: Literature headings and cards are pink, all Reading: Informational Text are blue and so on. Pictures of how to display the standards are included.

It is originally on sale for $6.99.  Since I did not get it out in time for the big sale, I went ahead and reduced it 28%.  It will be on sale until Monday, September 3rd. It will return to $6.99 Tuesday!  You can pick it up here!

If you are looking for the first grade Common Core, it is also available!  My friend Britney and I split grade levels and she took first grade.  It is identical to the Second and Third Grade Common Core Standards and More pack!

I hope they help!!



  1. Yay Mandy!!!! Must be a relief! I can't believe you even found time to do it at all these first weeks of school. You are super woman!!!!

  2. I really like the "I Can" idea. A positive and fun way for goal setting. :)


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