Keeping All My Stuff Organized

I don't know about you guys, but I feel like the battle to keep myself organized is jut shy of impossible.  I work so hard at it and it just...never quite happens! On thing I struggle with is all the stuff that I need to return to the Office or copies I need to make and all those kind of items.  I have tried all kinds of baskets and labels and all that jazz, but is never sticks.

I finally found a simple system I am loving.

Yesterday I blogged about the coat hooks by our front door.  Pretty much all the classrooms in our school have coat hooks by the door in our classroom with a shelf above them.

I have a million of these black stackers/ letter trays that I have collected over time.

I took three and set them on top of the shelf above the coat hooks RIGHT next to the door.  I walk past it every time I leave the classroom.

I put anything that needs to be returned to the office, library, etc in he top "To Return" tray.  I put things that need to be laminated, cut out, etc. in the middle tray.  The bottom tray is for things I need to copy.  

So far it has worked perfectly since I can't miss it!  Also, since everything is sorted out and ready to go,  I am more likely to take it where it needs to go than I was with the one big basket of junk!



  1. What an awesome idea to keep you organized and btw great thinking about putting it by the door. I hope it helps!!!

    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits

  2. Love those labels! Where can I find them?

    KinderKids Fun

  3. Your ideas are always great...and helpful! Thanks


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