Getting It Organized and Making It Pretty : Binders

I will not stuff papers in my desk, spill water bottles all over my desk top, lose my pencils, lose my textbooks

...I am the teacher, I am the teacher.

Anyone else feel that way?

I am yet again facing Organization Monster.  I will win (maybe)!

Want to get organized with me?  Here is what you need...

  • a binder (2 inch or larger)
  • Post It Tabs (I got mine at Staples)
  • Clear page Protectors

You will also need a few printables.  For this project I printed out my free organizational binder pages.  Click on the picture to snag them for FREE by liking my Facebook page.

My cutie Common Core Standards. If you would like a copy of the cutie standards, they are exclusive freebies on my Facebook page- hop over and like it to get it FREE!  I have 1st- 5th grades completed!

Adorable printable calendar by Molly from Classroom Confections (only 1.75 on TpT).

Last year I tried using teacher organizational binders and they were a big step in the right direction, but after some reflecting I could have tweaked a few things to make them more efficient and effective.

So I have.  Want to join me in getting started?!

This is my planning binder.  It will contain all the things I need to keep track of assessments and planning (I hope).

Lesson Plans: We are required to complete out lesson plans online using the program OnCourse.  I still like to print out a copy and take notes on them as needed.   I am just going to print them out and hole punch them an add them here : ).

Grading: This will not be student works samples. I am thinking more like checklists and a spread sheet of student performance.  We do standard based reporting on a scale of 1 (does not meet, 2 (progressing), 3 (meets), 3+ (exceeds) so will look less like a grade book and more like checklists.

Calendar- I have a copy of all my district provided calendars in this section- we have about a million!

Standards and Pacing Guides- In this section I have my super cute Common Core Standards and then this adorable pink and black calendar set by Molly from Classroom Confections.  I went ahead and printed them out and dated them.  My partner and I then plan for each quarter based on our student's needs.  Since I teach in a co-taught setting, sometimes our pace is a little different than the other classrooms :).   I find when we actually sit and talk about what our kids needs and look at the schedule in a realistic, imperfect, chaos filled- new-activity-thrown-in way, we can actually accomplish MUCH more than the "pie in the sky" pacing guides I used to make in the past. When I took the picture I hadn't written in August yet.  I think I need a more current picture!  I also included my "I Can" statements in this section as well.

Psssttt...Don't forget to click on over to my Facebook page for a short and long vowel assessment freebie ;)!  Enjoy!

Whew!  I think that is it!



  1. So organized! I made organizational binders this summer thinking I would combat the unorganized mess I have become as a first year teacher. My binders are super cute, but I am finding myself using them less and less each day! HOpefully you will be more diligent in keeping them neat than I have been!

  2. I have a similar binder, but it's no where near this pretty. I think I have a weekend project.


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