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We have been working on addition using place value as a strategy.  This is a great way to teach addition and many kids (and adults) use it for mental math. I created and introduced these two games to increase student's understanding and so far they have LOVED them!  These use a hundreds chart (actually up to 350) as a resource and a number line.  Both of these resources are part of game play.

In the first game, Monster Move It, students draw a start card and then put their game piece on the chart on the number drawn.  The students draw cards and move in tens or ones.  The winner is the first player to reach the end of the chart. In this game students will practice addition up to 350.

Please note that the game Monster Move it will require some assembly.
In the second game, Hairy Hops, students match cards with a number sentences, sum , and a “modified” monster-iffic version of a number line together. The student with the most sets of cards wins! Students then record the sum and number sentence on the recording sheet.

If you would like your own copy, get it here for only $3.00 in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

mentioned earlier in yesterday's post that I am LOVING the scavenger hunt idea.  I created a mental addition with place value scavenger hunt called Monster Mash. In this activity students look at the addition problem and decide if the answer is correct on incorrect.  To see how to complete a scavenger hunt, please make sure to check out this post!



  1. I have no idea how you keep coming up with these great activities, but I am really thankful you do!

    (Just a might get more customers if you make your game $3. (the minimum purchase on TPT) So, if it is $2.99, people are going to have to buy something else just to get your game. Or you could mark something down to a penny!)

    My class will love these monsters! Thank you again.

  2. Thanks for the advice, Suzy Q! I went ahead and changed it to $3 :). I like the idea of a penny sale...wouldn't THAT be a fun flash sale LOL!


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