FREE Mother's Day Gift!

I try not to recycle posts too often, but sometimes I think people might want to see some things again (especially is the start with an F- and end with an -REE)!  Mother's Day is just around the corner and I am as cheap as dirt.  I wanted our Mother's Day gift to be something I didn't have to pay for, go buy anything extra or new, and just be CUTE!  Here is what I did:

Last year I was looking for  a quick, easy and CHEAP Mother's Day gift.  I was talking to my friend, Ms. V. and she was telling me about a project she had pinned on Pinterest.  It was so cute and inspiring! We put our heads together and came up with this super cute (free) activity.  I love the word free.

It is a Mother's Day coupon book.  On the cupcake wrapper is the coupon book.  I simply stapled the book on so mom can tear off the coupons as she uses them. I printed out everything on construction paper so students just needed to cut the pieces out and assemble the cupcake.  Students could decorate the coupons and the cupcake with any extra time.  It took students about 35-45 minutes from beginning to finish.

Here is a super cute student example:

Even better is is FREE!  Click here is you would like to download it!

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