Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale!

It is hard to believe it is THAT time of year again!  Teachers Pay Teachers is doing their big Back to School Sale!  Buyers can get 10% off items if they use the code BTS13.  Most sellers (myself) included put their stores on sale for 20%.  That means you can get 28% off!  Yahoo!

I have been busy adding to my wishlist- so far it is over $100!  Eek!

Here is a sample of a few things you may want:

The purpose of this unit is to teach students how to effectively engage in class discussions after developing a class set of norms. Although the mini unit is six lessons long, I hope to teach the unit in less than a week. The lessons included three picture books: Listen, Buddy by Helen Lester, Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen by Howard Binkow and Mr. Chatterbox by Roger Hargreaves.

This unit includes:
*6 mini lessons with correlated Common Core Standards for 2nd and 3rd grades
*Printable anchor charts for each mini lesson
*3 Listening and Speaking Posters
*One class book idea
*Two partner activities (Pal Ponderings and All About Us) for students to practice listening and speaking skills

Additional Activities to Supplement the Unit include
*The partner game Quiz, Quiz, Switch
*The writing activity, All About My Friend ______, which is differentiated by difficulty level.
*A Comparison/ Contrast writing activity that can be differentiated by providing the given text frame

Another great item to pick up is

This packet was created to help make guided reading more concrete and easy for a teacher to organize and implement. This packet includes information on how to run guided reading groups, how to fit guided reading instruction into a very packed schedule (if we only had more time in the day!), and is a great guide on getting started. Several photographs (including full page collages) are included to show how my teaching area for guided reading has evolved of the years and how I set up my materials.

This packet also includes several ready-to-use ideas to make reading more meaningful and meet the needs of your diverse learners.

Concepts addressed in this packet:

*Guided Reading and Reading Workshop: How it All Fits Together

*What Does Guided Reading Look Like: A Flow Chart of What a Typical Guided Reading Lesson Looks Like

*Teacher Tool Kit: Materials Needed for Guided Reading

*Lesson Planning: A Lesson Plan for Guided Reading

*Record Keeping and Assessment: A Variety of Forms to Organize Guided Reading Data

*Prompt Cards: Questions for Students to Answer After Rereading the Familiar Text at the Beginning of the Guided Reading Lesson.

*Activating Strategies: Printables and More

*During Reading Strategies: Printables and More

*After Reading Strategies: Printables and More 

If you are starting math workshop you might enjoy these simple games:

This packet includes five different mathematical sorts. Students find different combinations of ten and recognize if combinations are equal or not equal to ten. Each sort is slightly different and scaffolded by difficulty. These standards are correlated to first and second grade Common Core standards.

*Cooking Up 10- Adding ten frames to find combinations of ten
*Sandy 10- Adding a ten frame to a single digit to find a combination of ten
*Tool Box 10- Adding single digits to find combinations of ten
*Icy Pop 10- Adding and subtracting to find combinations of ten
*Big Top 10- Adding two and three digits to find combinations of ten

And these other items might help you get organized for the beginning of the year:

August Daily Math Pages- September's pages  are in progress!

I am off to look for more clip art...shhhh, don't tell my hubby! ;)


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