What a Deal!

I am so excited to share this with you!  You all know I LOVE a good deal?  Well, when a great deal comes along, I can barely contain myself.  And this is THAT kinda deal! I am so excited to be teaming up with Educents and some great other sellers to give you these great products that will stretch across your curriculum!  

Very excited to be a part of the bundle with Educents!  I know you will love my Combinations of Ten Sorts! They are PERFECT for this time of year and are gradually scaffold to encourage students to find combinations of ten in different ways.  Since students are storing equations that are equal to ten and not equal to ten it is a higher order thinking skill.  Whoot!  Gotta loves some Bloom's! These are great centers and also early finisher tasks.

There are 23 other products in our bundle to get your kids learning!  Hop along to see all the goodies you will get!  

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Thrifty Thursday: What is Super Simple and Red and Black All Over?

Hey guys!  It is Thrifty Thursday again!  It is time to get your thrifty on!!

Today's activity takes a little more prep work, but is still very easy.  How about some review using a game of checkers?

I realized *after* I set the board up that I only needed problems on the black spaces. Slapmyhead.

To created the game I simply wrote addition problems with sums to 20 (second grade CCS). I wrote the problems on address sized labels and then cut them to fit the checker board square.  I was able to get about 8 problems per label! I just turned the label around and wrote on it vertically instead of horizontally, if that makes sense!

Students play the game following these instructions

and then record the problems on the recording sheet.
You can use this same idea to practice multiplication or division facts or even spelling words!

And for your Thrifty Thursday deal? For today ONLY  you can get the October Daily Math Pages for half off!  

This is a second grade spiraling math review that reviews 5 domains.  The packet includes a daily review sheet for 4 days of the week and a matching assessment for the fifth day.  The assessment includes a matching rubric.  Everything is correlated to the Common Core Standards for second grade and they will go along nicely with my October Math Centers (when I finish them-I am more than half done!).  This pack is PERFECT for independent work during guided math.


**Thanks to all the people that volunteered as a tester on my previous post.  I will be contacting you shortly! :)**



Testy Testers

Okay, so not the kind of testy testers in the classroom that drive you to an adult beverage at night. You know, the kind that are super naughty?  Yep.  We got none of that here.

Shew.  Because I still can't drink yet ;).

These are the GOOD kind of testy testers.  As in the kind that like free stuff!

I am looking for a handful of classroom testers. These would be people that would get a product free.  In exchange I would ask for some kind of blurb about the product. Just an honest opinion. Comments could include student engagement, ease of use for the teacher, and the overall quality of the product.   Also, I would like handful of pictures of the product in action.  Students can be in the picture, but I will make sure to cover and blur faces.  I am very careful about student safety and would never compromise a child's identity online.  These comments and photos (edited) may be posted on my blog or in the product itself.

If you are interested, please email me mandyholland@hotmail.com and I will keep a running list.

Update: Thanks so much for all of the interest! I am closing my list of testers for now.  I will reopen it when I have the need for more.  Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!


Thrifty Thursday : Let Em' Roll!

Welcome to Thrifty Thursday!!

This week's activity is SUPER simple!  And you can use these little guys for a million different math activities!

You can't beat the price of 10 cents apiece!

I use these for all sorts of math activities.   I made two different activities that can be differentiated by difficulty.

The first activity is a fact family dice activity.
The easier activity is on the left and includes the addition and subtraction sign as prompts.  The more difficult activity on the right just has lines for the students to record on.

The second activity is a comparing numbers sheet.  Students can create and compare two OR three digit numbers by rolling the dice.

This would be a great center, independent practice or even Guided Math group activity!

Want to get your own free copy?  Click here!

Now here is your Thursday deal!  I have to admit a little secret.  I haven't finished a new project. Whoops.  I am *this close* to being done with my October Daily Math Pages and have started my October Math centers, but they are not ready for publishing :(.  Sadsville.

So  instead I have decided to make an older product 50% for one day only. Since Mr. Chapman is about to celebrate his birthday awful soon (next Thursday for all those counting) I thought my Johnny Appleseed ELA lesson and craft would be perfect!
This 19 page item includes 
Second Grade Common Core Standards addressed in these lessons
Explicit reading and writing lesson plans that include a hook, teaching point, and summary
Printable pieces for an anchor chart
Brainstorm web
Final Draft paper for publishing
Johnny Appleseed “peek over” craft

Click here for this great pack of FREE math centers, plus get tips and updates from me!



Five Word Wednesday!!!

Ready for a laugh?  Head on over to my Facebook page and join in on the Five Word Wednesday contest!  Share your day in exactly FIVE words.  I will choose the best one and post it tomorrow.  The winner can choose ANY item in my store!!!



Complete and Incomplete Sentences

In second grade writing a complete sentence can be tricky.  Shoot, it was tricky even with some of my fourth graders all those years ago!

Before we even attempt teaching complete and incomplete sentences, we always go over subject and predicate. We describe the subject as the who or what and the predicate as more about it or what it does.  I've heard it called the "Who and the Do" and the "Who/What and Tell Me More."

I love the Mr. Morton Subject and Predicate song from School House Rock.

We also do a whole class sort.  We pass out the cards.  Students either have a subject (red) or predicate (blue).  We don't tell them the colors ahead of time :).  Students then find the opposite color card to make a complete sentence that makes sentence.  We come back to the carpet, share our sentences, and the student has to identify if their card is the subject or predicate of the sentence. Then we tape them on a chart to create an anchor chart.

Here is a copy of the cards in Word if you would like to edit them.

When I taught fourth grade I made this simple sorting activity where students sorted complete and incomplete sentences. Although I made it for fourth grade, it really would be appropriate for second and third as well. 

Do you have an great tips on getting students to recognize and write complete sentences?



Thrifty Thursday Freebie

It is that time again...

Today's thrifty fun is so simple!

I simply bought these super cute popcorn boxes at the Dollar Tree. They were packaged two for a dollar.  They are very thin though, so they could crack pretty easily.  I would keep a few extra on hand, just in case.

To create this center you just need these popcorn boxes and my printable and BOOM!  Insta-center.

Here is the game:

I mean, ahem, er, games.  The file is one LOONNNGG file that actually has three games.  Included are an addition doubles game, addition doubles plus one game, and a multiplication fact game.  Just select the pages you need and print!  Click here to get your copy!

This packet includes:
- a parent and teacher direction sheet
- practice sheets with and without hints 
- mixed practice sheets that can be used as assessments.

The pages are carefully scaffold moving from the most support with hints on the page to the least support with no hint for each concept ( location of largest addend, no regrouping, and regrouping). 

If you would like to see more strategies for addition besides the traditional method, I also have an adding on an open number line pack. The hundreds chart naturally leads into the open number line and is a great strategy for scaffolding learning.

Click here for this great pack of FREE math centers, plus get tips and updates from me!



Photo Dump: Back to School Edition and More!

Well hello there!

 I was going back through all of my pictures from last school year and I found a bunch that I never blogged about.  Yahoo!  Fresh material!  I found a whole set of pictures from the beginning of the school year where we were setting up expectations for reading and writing workshop.

Each of the anchor charts reflects a mini lesson from the beginning of the year.

 One of the first lessons I do in reading workshop is to discuss what being a good reader even  means.  I think I got this from Fountas and Pinnell many years ago from their Guiding Readers and Writers book.
The same day I do the reading lesson, I carry it right over into writing and we discuss it here as well.

Another day we discuss what reading workshop is and how the Daily 4 (Work on Writing is done in Writing Workshop) fits in.

Here is our charting of stamina.  This is straight from the Daily 5.

As I was typing this post I realized that it would be a good place to share my getting started plans for the year.  Many years ago I shared my Starting Writer's Workshop lessons on my website and I have used them without fail, successfully EVERY year. I didn't know if everyone had seen them and thought they may help someone out there!  Also, I have shared these a million times, but thought it would be an appropriate place re-post my setting up Guided Math lessons as well. I don't have any setting up Reader's Workshop lessons because they are a big mash up of Fountas and Pinnell and the Sisters.


Hope your year is off to a great start!



Feeling Fall-ish

Freebie Fridays 

So with the beginning of football season I am beginning to feel a bit Fall-ish.  I have the itch to take out all of my Fall decor and decorate my mantel.  I love to decorate my mantel!

So  I decided to get busy and made this little guy:

Cute little place value puzzles perfect for 2nd-4th grade.  Click here to get it FREE!

And then I remember it is like a billion degrees outside. Maybe not a billion, but 90 degrees is pretty close.  We have a LONG way to go before Fall hits! Sadsville.



Thrifty Thursday Freebie

It is Thursday again and that means it is time for...

Today's Dollar Store center is a an easy one! It is all about the puzzles! I found several cheap puzzels at the Dollar Tree.
For the cardboard preschool puzzles I wrote a problem on the piece and then an answer where the piece belongs.

Very easy and fun, too! This center is a great way to practice basic facts like addition, subtraction, multiplication or division facts!

I also found some very simple foam puzzles with numbered pieces.  The Dollar Tree had Minnie Mouse and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles puzzles.

Here is the Minnie Mouse puzzle.

On the back of the piece I wrote a number sentence using that number.  For example the pieces that are turned over have an  8 and a 4 on it. I wrote number sentences to show different combinations of 10 and highlight the commutative property.

I made the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle puzzle slightly different.

I still made number sentences highlighting combinations of ten and the commutative property. However, the difference is how I used the pieces.  The number on the front face of the piece is the answer.  For example for the piece that is turned over it has a 4 on the front with a Turtle.

Lots of bang for $3!  Students can record their work on these sheets.

Now for the second part of Thrifty Thursday...it is sale time!  I have been productive lately and was able to finish TWO products.  I decided to post both of them because they are so grade specific.

The first product is a set of word list assessment to assess EVERY Common Core Standard for the Phonics and Word Recognition strand in Foundational Skills section for second grade. 
These assessments were created to address the Common Core Reading Foundational Skills standards that fall under the area of Phonics and Word Recognition.
Included in this packet are:
-6 word lists
•Short and Long Vowel One Syllable Words
•Additional Vowel Teams
•Regularly Spelled Two-Syllable Long Vowel Words
•Second Grade Irregularly Spelled Words
•Common Prefixes and Suffixes
•Inconsistent But Common Spelling-Sound Correspondences
-A matching teacher recording sheet
-An end of year master assessment that includes 12 words from each list with a matching teacher record sheet
When I created this pack I wanted one-on-one assessments that would be quick for the teacher to use to assess an entire class. Teachers can choose to assess one standard at a time using the individual word lists or can assess several standards using the end of year master assessment.

It will be listed for $4.00, but for the next 24 hours it will be 50% off for only $2.00!


Now the next item I am listing is geared for the upper grades.  I wrote this supplemental pack to specifically meet the Georgia Performance Standards for  third grade. It is materials to supplement a study of Paul Revere.
This packet was created to supplement your curriculum for teaching about the Georgia historical figure, Paul Revere.  Items included in this packet are:

Paul Revere Vocabulary Flip Flap Book- Students learn and practice 6 vocabulary words.  Students can either copy the definitions or cut and paste the definitions into the foldable.

Vocabulary Games- Two different vocabulary games to practice the 6 terms.

Paul Revere Circle Map- Graphic organizer to activate prior knowledge. Add new learning to the graphic organizer throughout the unit.

The Life of Paul Revere Book-A 11 page book that covers the life of Paul Revere from childhood to his legacy.  This book includes several cut and paste activities that support reading skills such as asking and answering questions, sequencing, cause and effect, using text features, and main idea.  An answer key is included for each page. In my class, I print the pages as a booklet and staple the pages together.

Contributions and Character Traits Flip Flap Book- This is a two flap book that gives students additional exposure to the terms diligence and liberty.  Students create the flip flap book and copy the definition of each word and then match examples of how Paul Revere  exhibited each trait.  An answer key is included.

Paper Doll Paul- Students create a  paper doll of Paul Revere and write what he might have thought, said, did, and where he went.

What’s the Big Idea, Paul?- This is a graphic organizer that highlights the most important information from the standards.

Paul-O- A game similar to Bingo.  Four different student boards are provided.

Paul Revere Tri-Horn Hat-  Students create a tri-horn hat craft reviewing what has been learned about Paul Revere.

Assessments-. A  matching vocabulary assessment and open answer assessment about Paul Revere.  Answer keys are included.

Click here for this great pack of FREE math centers, plus get tips and updates from me!


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