Thankful Tuesday/Wednesday Winner! And a NEW Giveaway!

Well, I was doing so well actually getting these give aways posted on Tuesdays and then, BAM!  I fell apart yesterday.  I have no idea why.  I just forgot.  What day is it again!?!?!?

So the winner to the $75 Wise Decor gift card, $30 Sew Pink Embroidery Gift Card, and Elf Envelope is....

Marcie, I will hopefully contact you tonight. As soon as the plumber calls back.  That is right, at 8:00 pm on Thanksgiving Eve our plumbing went completely out.  Happy Turkey day, here's some sh......well, I'll just let you fill that in.  The kids could be reading!

So the LAST Thankful Tuesday Wednesday is a biggie in my life, Teachers Pay Teachers.  It has had a huge impact on me professionally and personally.  It has opened the door to wonderful personal relationships that I would have never had or met without TpT.  It gave me more time with my family and made me less stressed by providing resources with just one click. It has allowed me to take time off and be a stay at home mom for at least a little while. 

So the big giveaway?  And it's a good one!

A $50 gift card to Tpt!  

You know you want it, just click below!
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Thankful Tuesday: Home and Family

Yay!  Another giveaway time!  But first, let's celebrate the winner of a $50 Gift Card to Amazon and the choice of either a Math or ELA Common Core Connections book.  And the winner is.....

Yahooo!  I will contact you later this evening!

And now for another brand-spanking new give away!

This week is something very near and dear to my heart.  I am so very, very thankful for my home and family.  My husband has been my greatest cheerleader since day one.  I know some husbands may get frustrated at their wives for all the time spent on planning and creating and buying things for the classroom, but my husband is a keeper. He came to my classroom to help me during the summer  after a long day at work to untangle cables and set up computers.  He has ran to the store for that extra tub or two of vanilla icing for gingerbread houses so no child gets shorted.  He has loaded up hundreds of pounds of packed boxes to move my classroom to another school.  He is my best friend and I am so grateful that the Lord put him in my path.  Building a home filled with compassion, love and grace is something we work toward everyday and I pray that my daughters will look for a man like him.  I love my two little girls more than I every thought possible while growing up and playing dolls. They keep me running and tired and sleep deprived, but I would move mountains for them with  a little plastic spoon. Scoop by itty-bitty scoop.

So to celebrate the people I love most in my little world, I have a hodgepodge of cute stuff to give away!

Wise Decor Decorative Lettering sent me the most beautiful vinyl lettering!

It really is a work of art.  I have it at the top of my stairs so you can see it as you walk up the stairs. I thought it would be a good, daily reminder for us all!   It is so easy to apply and I was able to (woot-woot) choose my own colors! They have a variety of wall words and more available- and there some that are even perfect for the classroom!!!  They have offered a $75 (!!!!) gift card to one lucky winner!!!  They have this new Monogram Chalkboard Calendar that is just calling my name!!!!!!

(Best game show host voice) But wait, their is MORE! You can ALSO win a $30 gift card to Sew Pink Embroidery!  

Amy is a super sweet high school friend on mine.  Her stuff is adorable! She has some great monogrammed scarves and I know she has some adorable Christmas designs (because I asked for some for my two girls) that aren't even out yet!

and there is STILL more!  I had to throw in this last item because I just thought it was SO CUTE.  I literally about fell over from the cuteness overload.


Stephanie over at the blog A Little Moore is creating these personalized envelopes from the Elf on a Shelf (who's that guy?, I think I have seen him before, HE'S EVERYWHERE!). When the elf arrives he can bring a letter from Santa. 

 The winner will get a personalized envelope (like the one above) for either their family OR their classroom (I actually did this in my classroom of THIRD graders and they LOVED it!).

So how can you win all of this goodness?  Well it is easy!  Enter right here!  May the odds ever be in your favor!

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Cooking Up a Caring Classroom: Bullying vs. Teasing

Laura Candler put together a wonderful blog link up focusing all on Julia Cook's books.  If you haven't ready any of Julia Cook's books you need to  Her books are FABULOUS for teaching life skills and how to be a problem solver.

One of the big differences I noticed moving from second to third grade is teasing verses bullying.  In second grade, my students thought any kinds of teasing, any kind of hurt feelings, was bullying -on purpose and mean.  In third grade, I found when any kind of issue was reported by students it usually truly WAS bullying! It seems like around age 8 or so my kids started to understand the difference.  But that didn't help me at all when I taught second grade!

Enter this book...

The book The Tease Monster is a wonderful story teaching children to identify the difference between teasing and bullying.  This is such a difficult topic since it is such a fine line.  In the story the character (the number 1 named "One of  Kind!!"), runs into several problems at school.  He comes home to talk to his mother how he feels and she helps explain the difference between a "nice tease" and a "mean tease."  I love that the book helps students identify the difference.  However, I think my most favorite part is that the mother gives advice on how to handle bullying and teasing.  This is so helpful for kids to really see examples of how to handle real-life examples of bullying and teasing.

If this is an issue in your classroom, this book would be perfect for a class meeting.  To follow up the reading of the book, I created a freebie to match the book!  The freebie includes several examples of situations your students might find themselves in.  The situations are then sorted into two categories:  "nice tease" and "mean tease." Large situation cards are available for whole group sorting and a matching student's sheet for students to cut, sort and glue down the situations is also included.

Julia cook has TONS of books that are perfect for solving problems during class meeting.  The books are available on her website. Want to find more abut her books and some ideas?  Check these blogs out!



Thankful Thursday Giveaway: Teaching Resources

Yahoo!  We have a winner!  Congratulations to

You have won a Blog Update from the 3 am Teacher!  I will be contacting you shortly!

I am so grateful for the wealth of teaching resources that is available at our finger tips now. When I first started there were a handful of forums (Proteacher anyone?) but nothing like the network of blogs, and online stores that are available now.  Way back in the dark ages you actually had to drive all the way to the teaching store and shop! Now I can just click and it will arrive at my house in 3-4 business days.  I think I may literally do ALLL my Christmas shopping online this year.

So to celebrate, I will be giving away some goodies!


For my next giveaway, I will be giving away a copy of these two awesome resources!

Carson Dellosa asked me to review these items and are allowing me to give away one copy of either the Common Core Connections Math book or Common Core Connections Language Arts book.  The winner can choose the book subject and grade level .

I ordered the second grad level and I have to say, I loved them.  I really loved how the book was organized and made it easy for the teacher to find and use what they needed quickly.  In the front of the book was a matrix linking standards to the page.

These books would be PERFECT for common assessments.  I am not sure if this is something that your school is working on, but at my previous school we created common assessments as a grade level to make sure that we were assessing the same things.  Which we all loved and agreed with....but making the assessments could be so darn hard!  This takes all of the work out of it! Most pages only cover 1-2 standards so it is easy to use it as an assessment for the standard!

And as much as we all hate the pressure of standardized testing, I think we can all admit that it exists and is overwhelming (the pressure, not necessarily the tests).  These books all have a mixed skills assessment in the front of the book.   An item analysis of each question is included in the answer key WITH a link to correlating practice pages.  This would be perfect to give prior to state assessment. Then the teacher could use the item analysis to plan for remediation of skills and use the pages as a resource before the kids take the test. Is it bad that I just put that all out there?   So basically, I love these books!

But I am not done giving away yet!  I will ALSO be giving away a $50 gift card to Amazon!  I LOVE Amazon and use it all the time to order things!  It is a great way to order teaching materials online AND I always feel safe using a credit card with them (extra bonus).

Wanna win?  Easy!  Just enter below!  I will announce the winner next Tuesday with my new Giveaway!

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Turkey Time

I love this time of year.

I am trying to teach my three year old the concept of thankfulness. I tried to combine this with her love of "doing art."  We painted brown on some paper and then used hand prints to create the leaves.  I cut it out and glued it all together. Then I asked her what she is thankful for, thinking this would be the cutest thankful tree art. I typed these out in different fonts and added them under the tree.

I am sure you will be pleased to know that she is thankful for her heart (how she refers to loving things), her sister, Minnie Mouse, Roo- Roo (her favorite stuffed animal), TV, and then Momma.  Yes, I am number six on the list, right under the television set.  Have mercy. But at least I beat out Doc McStuffins. She was number nine!

I think it will look super cute in a white IKEA frame with a white mat.
And on to another Thanksgiving  "thing"...

About two years ago when I first started diving into the Common Core Standards, before it had even been implemented officially in Georgia, I wrote this little Thanksgiving unit.  I wanted to hit the standards with a fun and engaging unit.  My kids LOVED it and I really felt like it stretched them. It was perfect for the week and a half before break.

I felt it was a bit dated looking and now that I have  a better understanding of the CCS I wanted to clean it up and add a bit more independent practice.  So I revamped it, made it prettier, and added some additional practice to the lessons that the teacher can do in small groups or for independent work.  They are not Thanksgiving themed so these practice sheets can be done at any time of the year.

Here is the new unit:

The unit includes
Seven days of explicit lesson plans including a hook, teaching point, and summary.  Photographs are also included.

Matching anchor charts that are perfect for projecting on Smart Boards or Promethean Boards, as well as 3 reference posters.

Additional activities for extra practice that extend the lesson. These would be perfect for guided reading or independent practice.

...and a partridge in a pear tree.
Wait, that is my Christmas unit :).

It is available here in my store for $6.  If you have already purchased it make sure to download it again to get all the goodies!

Since I have shared something new-ish, I want to share a give away all about the new!

The Teachers Studio is celebrating her one year anniversary and a new look. She will be running one give away EVERY day for five days.  One winner will be selected each day to choose $10 from 12 different TpT stores.  Yeah, that's right...anything the winner wants for $10 from each store. So the winner gets $120 worth of stuff!  Wowzers! I am a part of today's set of prizes. The other stores look so great I wish I could enter myself!!!!

AND last but not least, today is the LAST day to enter My Thankful Tuesday giveaway.  The winner of this give away will win a blog refresh from the amazing 3am Teacher. I will announce the winner TOMORROW!  Click here to enter!



Historical People Pockets

A few days ago I got this awesome question in my email.

"I just bought your Frederick Douglass pack on TPT. It looks great!! Can you give us any tips on which activity you plan or have done first?? Thanks!!!"

It made me think a.) this is a great question and 2.) I haven't shared anything about my new line of products!

In Georgia we study several different historical figures in Social Studies in both second and third grades.  It kind makes me scratch my head, because we study these people in isolation and not really in any relevant context.  For example we study Paul Revere in third grade, but not the Revolution War?  What?!

So, I have made a few products to teach these difficult, isolated concepts. I created this line of products for third grade called Historical People Pockets.  So far I have created a pack on Paul Revere, Frederick Douglass, and Susan B. Anthony.

Each of the packets include:
-a mini book with questions
-character traits flip flap book
-step book that is great for formative assessment
-word search

All of the activities fit in a pocket (hence the name) or can be glued in an interactive notebook.
Each pack is $4.75 EXCEPT for Susan B.  Since today is her first day listed, I reduced it 50% off!  For tonight only it will be $2.38!

I will be making one for all the third grade historical figures. Next up is Ms. Mary McLeod Bethune!

So, back to the email question.  I responded:

I  thought the mini book would be a great way to front load info.  

Then I would probably use any text provided by the district (my county provided these awesome small biography books), use PebbleGo (does your school have a subscription? LOVE it), or a video, or something visual (the person that emailed the questions told me there was a great video on the Biography channel for Frederick Douglass).  I would usually use the books as my reading mini lesson and tie it in to main idea, text structures, text features, or main idea.

 Then we would do the map and then the trait flip book.  

 Then I would finish up with the timeline and do the step book as partner work. In the past, at this point in the year, the students in my class would not be ready for the open answer questions.  Yet. 

 Creating the pocket and word search would be time killers that not everyone would get to do (to be honest).  

So, how would you use them?  What order would work best in your classroom?

I have also had several questions about my other packs.


So far I have only written one for Paul Revere in third and Jimmy Carter in second. My goal is to write one for every figure, but these are very labor intensive and take awhile.  These may not happen as quickly as I like! But I promise to try!

Here are a few activities from the Paul Revere pack:

My sweet friend Abby at The Third Grade Bookworm made these paper dolls from the pack but added the teabag and feather.  So cute!!

And another friend took this picture of a student filling out the circle map. Great graphic organizer to replace the boring, old KWL!

AND last but not least, tomorrow is the LAST day to enter My Thankful Tuesday giveaway.  The winner of this give away will win a blog refresh from the amazing 3am Teacher. I will announce the winner TUESDAY!  Click here to enter!



Thankful Tuesday: The Blogging Commmunity

I have been active in the online teaching community for a long time (long enough where I am starting to feel old- Yikes!), but the blogging community is something special.  It is such an easy way to make the teaching world smaller, share concerns, improve morale, and of course, challenge us as teachers to stretch our own learning!

For my first Thankful Giveaway, I want to share how thankful I am for the entire blogging community- that means YOU!  Other bloggers and readers! Thank you for making me a better teacher.

To celebrate I am teaming up with another FABULOUS blogger, Michelle, The 3am Teacher. She created this awesome custom blog design for me..and now she has agreed to do something for ONE very special winner! The winner can choose either:

A new design that includes a header, background and a button


Have their blog template cleaned up and custom code added for sidebar titles, social media and the date header

Isn't that amazing?!  The winner will be announced NEXT Tuesday! Want to win your blog refresh from the The 3am Teacher?  Then enter below!

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Thankful Tuesdays

It seems like I am late to everything. Before children I was always about 3-5 minutes late. Nothing too bad.  After children?  OhMyGoodness, I just hope to get everyone out of the house mostly clothed, shoes optional.  Hair and makeup?  Long gone.  Please, please , please tell me experienced mothers that this gets better!!!

Sorry. Back to the topic!

So I am late..for my very own big, bad, blog reveal. Isn't it awesome?  The amazing Michelle from The 3am Teacher created the design from scratch based on a drawing a scanned in for her and some really vague emails from me!  Isn't she amazing?  She took what was in my brain and made it five times better!

My goal is to make my website have the design so ALLLL of the Mandy's Tips for Teachers sites will all have a cohesive look.  Maybe one day before my children are in college I will do this! LOL!

So to celebrate my new blog design I am doing a new series for November only on Tuesdays called Thankful Tuesdays. Each week I will share one thing I am thankful for and will be doing a related giveaway.  Kind like Oprah..wait, okay, NOT like Oprah but I can wish, right?

Tomorrow will be my FIRST giveaway.  Make sure to tune in!

In related news, it is November.  Somehow we are WAY past pumpkins and on to turkeys!  Yahoo!  That means we are one step closer to my favorite holiday: Christmas!  I have been hard at work with some new, seasonal products.  You might want to "gobble" these up- that was funny, kinda of funny, only funny when you don't get much sleep. Click on the pictures for more info!

Just finished these guys!  So proud that they are done! These are spiraling review sheets.  Many concepts are covered on just one page a day! This month's packet covers:
-Place value
-Comparing two digit numbers
-Adding two digit numbers with and without regrouping
-2D and 3D shapes
-Measuring in inches
-Estimating in inches
-Selecting appropriate tools in measurement (inches or feet)
-Word problems

Correlating math centers for November.  If you want to see how these little guys are set up, here is a FREE center from the pack.

I am also working on this sad little guy.  He was great two years ago, but I think he needs a little face lift!


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