Jimmy Carter: A Georgia Historical Figure and a Give Away

In Georgia we have study specific historical figures as part of our Social Studies curriculum   In some ways, I find them pretty difficulty and tedious to teach because they are removed for the historical context of the very events that made them famous- we aren't studying Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's.  Just Martin Luther King Jr.  I think this is because in 4th and 5th grade many of these figures are covered in context, but it can make teaching a bit...um, boring.

But the strangest thing?  My kids LOVE them?  They love diving into a person's life and finding out how and why they were important to Georgia.  It boggles my mind!  And it is like that with.every.group.of.of.kids.every.year! Who woulda thunk it?!

One of our last historical figures to study this school year is Jimmy Carter.  Well, Jimmy Carter is interesting, but very difficult to find information about that is second grade appropriate!   I created this 46 page packet to supplement my curriculum!

The packet includes:

The Life of Jimmy Carter Book- A 6 page book that covers the life of Jimmy Carter from childhood to his presidency.  This book includes several cut and paste activities that support reading skills such as sequencing, cause and effect, and fact and opinion.  An answer key is included for each page. In my class, I print the pages as a booklet and staple the pages together.

Contributions and Character Traits Flip Flap Book- This is a three flap book that gives students additional exposure to the terms civility, compassion, and honesty. Students create the flip flap book and glue down the definition of each word and then match examples of how Jimmy Carter exhibited each trait.  An answer key is included.

Jimmy Carter Matching Game- This is a simple 12 card matching game.  Students match questions about Jimmy Carter to the card with the correct answer.  An answer key is included.

Jimmy Carter Venn Diagram- This is a whole group activity.  Students use the cards to create a Venn Diagram comparing Jimmy Carter to themselves.  This can be taped to the white board or on the floor using two hula hoops.  The teacher can start this activity with students to model how to compare a historical figure to themselves and then students can finish independently or in partnerships on the Venn diagram worksheet.
Jimmy Carter Reader’s Theater-  This is a 22 part  reader’s theater written to review the life and contributions of Jimmy Carter.  This would be an excellent review for the assessment.

Jimmy Carter Assessment- Simple assessment that has questions about the life of Jimmy Carter, his contributions, and the meaning of the words honesty, compassion, and civility.  An answer key is included.


I will be giving away a copy of EITHER Jimmy Carter and Me or the Garden of Affixes Craftivity from yesterday to TWO lucky winners!  The winner will chose which packet they prefer.  To enter simply leave your email address below. Winner will be announced Friday, May 3rd after 8:00 pm! I will be doing the SAME giveaway on my Facebook page, so make sure to hop over there to double your chances!!!

Georgia teachers:  Is the Jimmy Carter packet something you would like to see with all the other historical figures?  Which figure(s)  do you need activities for the most? Should I make more of these things?  Thanks!


Prefixes and Suffixes and a Freebie!

Over the last few weeks we have been doing a LOT of work with prefixes and suffixes!  My kids are recognizing them in their reading and writing (don't you just love when that happens!?!?).

We watched the Brainpop Jr on prefixes.  I love Brainpop Jr and am very lucky our school provides a membership.  It is FANTASTIC and we use it to introduce EVERYTHING!

I also found these two really cute Between the Lions videos focusing on the prefixes un- and re-.  Beware- they are from YouTube.  I know some schools block it :(

We brainstormed together as a class and made these anchor charts.

We used what we learned from the charts to create these super cute craftivities.
The are from my new pack, A Garden of Affixes on Teachers Pay Teachers and is only $3.00!

We were rebels and veered away from the spelling program!  For our spelling list for one of the weeks we studied suffixes, we focused on adding endings and the rules for dropping the silent e, changing the y to an i, and doubling consonants.  Here is the list for that week:
Click here to download it free.  I left it as a Word document so you can edit it as needed.

We learned the words using the Promethean board to explain HOW the rule worked. I LOVE having a Promethean board!  I know how lucky I am!

Then practiced sorting the words and writing them correctly.

Here is a close up of one of the columns:

Students had to write the word with the suffix correctly and then sort it.  To create this we simply took a 12 X 18 sheet of construction paper and folded it into thirds.  Students first wrote the words with suffixes, cut out, glued down the labels, and finally sorted the words and glued them down.  They are they same as the spelling words, but I added two sneaky "bonus words (diving and shopping) to see if they could apply the rules!

Click here to download these freebies!

Whew!  They did great on these and I think they are starting to get it!



A Place for Peace

It is amazing how the huge "world wide web" quickly becomes a small and close knit family.  My dear friend Abby at The Third Grade Bookworm has put together  a wonderfully compassionate fundraiser.

Sadly, one of her sweet students passed away after a fight with childhood leukemia.  It is a fight that I pray I never have to witness.  Abby and Aileen, another teacher and friend, have kept in close contact with the family.

When learning that the family did not have the funds to purchase a headstone for Ruby, Abby leaped into action.  She created a fundraiser to help the family create a complete and final resting place.

With the help of several other bloggers, Abby has put together a FANTASTIC pack with products from many, many sellers that is worth  just under $130 for only a $20 donation.  If you are interested  in supporting Abby and Ruby's family, please click here for more information.  The fundraiser ends in two days- April 24th, so please make sure to check it out quickly!

Here is a look at some of the wonderful products (taken directly from Abby's blog) you will receive with  your $20 donation:



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