Bright Idea: Keep Em' Learning in the Hall!

I am so tickled to be teaming up with over ONE HUNDRED other bloggers to share new, bright ideas!  If you click on through this blog hop, you will collect 100 new ideas and tips for your teaching bag. Start working out those arms, that sucker is going to get heavy! LOL!

I am going to share a quick idea one of my awesome friends shared with me (this is you, Angie!) to keep students learning in the halls.  Bathroom breaks can be such a time sucker, but are a necessary evil (unless you want your kids to wet their pants, and that is just sad!).

My friend hung a 3m Command hook by the door.  She took several index cards and wrote + 2, +10, +100 on them.  As the class exits the room she grabs the cards of the hook.  While students are waiting in the hall, she can go through the line and give the students a number and then show a card. Students then have to mentally add what is on the card to the original number. 

This can be done a million different ways.  The teacher can give each child a new number to add 2, 10, or 100, or it can be a skip counting activity where students can continue to add that number on the card to the answer from the student in front of them.

You could do this with flash cards with math facts, sight words, spelling words, the list just goes on and on. Time is precious, let's use up every bit!

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  1. I do something similar to this, but I love the idea of hanging it on a ring to grab as students are in line! One more thing on my awesome 'To-Do' list!

    Seconds at the Beach

  2. I love it, my dear!! I'm thinking we could use something like this when our lunch line gets backed up. (Anyone else hate Nacho Day? Anyone?) :) I'm going to have to make 2 sets - I know my teaching partner will want one too!

  3. Ok, this is genius!! We've been working on the concept of the open number line and this is perfect for that!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    Katie :)
    KTP: Keep Teaching and Planning!

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