Historical People Pockets

I have been working hard on a series called Historical People Pockets since the fall.  It focuses on the nine figures studied in Georgia in third grade.

I created a pack perfect for interactive notebooking, but can also be self-contained in the included "People Pocket."

Here is an example of all the materials included in the Cesar Chavez pack.

All nine figures are FINALLY finished!

Each pack costs $4.75.  

I also created a review pack PERFECT for CRCT test prep.

Four different activities are included (Who am I? matching game, Scoot game, Quiz, Quiz, Trade cards, and a Power Point with matching book for students to fill out to create a study guide).

I have bundled all the figures AND the review for a steal at only $39!

Because the bundle wasn't available until now and many buyers have purchased the individual packs as I released them, I am offering the review pack FREE to anyone that has purchased the packs for ALL NINE figures.

Simply email me at mandyholland@hotmail.com to receive yours!  Thank you!



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  2. Is there any way you could create one of these for 2nd grade Georgia Historical Figures?

    1. Hey Brittney! My plan is to eventually create these for second grade as well. I have run into a few problems with the format, so I keep putting it off! LOL! I do have a Jimmy Carter pack http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Jimmy-Carter-and-Me-A-Supplemental-Unit-679584

      My goal is to work on the 2nd grade figures starting this fall. Thanks for asking!!!


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