Dollar Section Deals

Does anyone else love a good deal?  Is the dollar section your Kryptonite?  I just.can't.handle.the.temptation.

I went yesterday to Target to pick up a few things ad thought I would just "check out" the dollar section.  Bad idea.  It is more like the $13 dollar section! LOL!

Look at what I found!!!!!!!!!!!!

They had these awesome foam pirate hat and eye patches for only $1!!!

They also had these adorable foam swords for only $1!!!

How perfect would these be to use as props for the Readers Theater, "How I Became A Pirate??"

You could even by the packages and split up the hats and eye patches to stretch a dollar! For $10 you could outfit your whole class!!!

It goes perfectly with my End of Year Pirate Unit!

Do you have the same dollar section sickness? Do you think we can get a sick day out of that ;) ?????



  1. You did well to get out of Target with only $13 damage! I, on the other hand, can 'run in' for two things and come out with an ice cream maker! (And have forgotten the two things I needed, so another Target run is required the next day. Rinse. Spin. Repeat.)

  2. THe dollar section at Target and the Dollar Tree are two places my husband will not let me be alone! :D


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