Announcing the Second Grade Brigade!

Thank you so much for everyone that showed interest in the Second Grade Brigade!  I need to announce the 10 teachers that have been hand-picked to be part of this group.  It was a hard decision, but I tried to select people with a variety of experience and locations.

Congrats and a big thank you to:

  1. Anne Russo
  2. Christy Bassett
  3. Becky Morris
  4. Claudia Coto
  5. Ellen Schirmer
  6. Sarah Lozano
  7. Erine Ames
  8. Mary Ann Emberton
  9. Stephanie Migliaccio
  10. Crystal Forro
I will be sending you guys an email!!!!

Thanks so much everyone!!!!



  1. So excited to be part of this group! Thanks for choosing me.

  2. I need some help. I am trying to get my daughter ready for second grade over the summer. They aren't holding her back but she isn't where she ought to be and they don't have a summer school program. I need to develope a strategy and techniques to help get her to where she should be and beyond. Please help!



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