How to Make Hot Chocolate FREEBIE!

I love How-To writing!  It is so much fun to teach AND to learn.  There is nothing like ACTUALLY letting students make a PB & J sammie, amiright?

My last year in second grade I was co-teaching.  We were about to start How-To writing and my co-teacher was like, "Let me pull out my sequencing puzzles so kids can choose a topic, put the puzzle together, and write about it."

I was like WOW.   HOW did I never think of the relationship between sequencing and how-to writing  in the ten plus years I taught!??!?! I wanted to smack my head on the table.

It was EASIEST way to introduce How-To Writing ever!

So now, I have a FREEBIE for you using this strategy, but check this little gem first!

The freebie includes a brainstorming page that revolves around a grammar skill.  This grammar skill is brainstorming adjectives using the five senses to improve their writing.

Then, students will color in the pictures (there are 4 steps) and glue the pictures in order to sequence their writing.

Finally, students can write about the steps for making hot chocolate in the mug shaped book!  Students can use adjectives brainstormed on their web to improve their writing.

I glued cotton balls on the top of my mug book so it looked like marshmallows! Want your FREE copy?  Simply click on the picture above?

Would you like more simple How To Writing projects?

This freebie is a a piece of my latest writing pack.  You can snag the entire pack for only $3.50 in my TpT store! The pack contains three writing projects: how to make hot chocolate (the freebie above), how to wrap a gift, and how to build a snowman.

I specifically choose these topics so you can use them into January!

The grammar skills included in this pack are adjectives (from the hot chocolate freebie above), using vivid verbs (wrapping a gift), and adverbs (building a snowman). These specifically support students in applying standards based grammar skills in their writing. Click on any of the pictures to grab it!

I am thrilled to share that this freebie is part of a 12 Days of Christmas collaboration I am doing.  A few bloggers  will share a different freebie over the next 12 days.  As the great culmination, we will give away Amazon and TpT gift card on Dec 14-16th so make sure to keep checking in on my Facebook and Instagram page (where the contest will be held)! 

Looking for some more freebies? So far we are only on day three, but here are the freebies that have been shared so far!

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